Saturday, July 26, 2008

It's not my party, but i'll nap if I want to

1) After breakfast I introduced Isaiah to the joys of Photobooth:

He did not enjoy the rollercoaster

The clouds, however, were a big hit.

as always, more on flickr

2) Drove around with J-P to get stuff for the party - fruit and vegetable trays and a cake, baked ziti, beer and balloons.

3) Stephanie called me so I could use the internet and get her some information to fill out an application for an apartment. And the best part is, it's close to mine! Not very close, but much much much closer than we are now. Close enough that we will be doing dinners every week (based around the television schedule). I'm very excited. I can't wait until September.

4) Left over salmon for lunch

5) Playing with Isaiah. This generally involved putting together the lego primo blocks I bought at the lego convention so he could knock them down, or building towers out of the big cardboard blocks so he could knock them down.

6) Jenny and Mom made SanGria for the party. It was tasty.

7) There was so much delicious food for the party, the aforementioned catered food, but also brisket (if i was like Stephanie and gave up beef, this would be the one thing that tempted me) and mesquite chicken and hotdogs and various salads.

8) The party was fun, J-P and I spent like half an hour filling water balloons and talking about The Dark Knight. Later we held the water ballon slingshot while kids slung them off into the distance. The water balloons went fast (as they are wont to do). I talked with the Nixons and the Ashtons and bit and didn't know most of the other people there.

9) So I took a nap. It got me through from the first bit of the party until dad had started grilling the meats. It was a nice, partially heat, partially alcohol induced nap.

10) At night, after all the partygoers had gone I enjoyed the evening sitting out on the new porch in the new chairs. Much better than the old porch and chairs.

11) gChatting with Stephanie

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Stephanie said...

I love it when my mere (internet) presence is a Wonderful Thing.