Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lego Day

1) Sleeping in

2) The aqua base still had a little bit of work left before it was finished, so I had some waffles and finished it up.

3) There were also one of each of the small sets left over (lucky me!), so I put those together as well.

4) Then I had a kitchen table covered with brand new Lego. Glorious!

I love this dragon.

I also love this giant squid

5) Continuing on the lego theme I then spent the morning watching brickfilms for this year's major Brickfilms contest - Friendships And Rivalries. Some of them were pretty bad, one was actually unwatchable. The three best in my opinion were- Pirates! (Though he plot is nowhere near as good as their previous effort) - Fouke final (It's in French but you don't need any words) - Unrenewable (It's a film noir! Except there's no real mystery)

6) Left over chips and salsa and cookies

7) From the left over pieces from the party I noticed I had a lot of red snakes and trans green kelp pieces, so I made this little vignette. I call it "Sea Snake Surprise"

I imagine that he sees the snake swimming by and grabs it to inspect it. "I've never seen a snake this color before! I wonder if it's dangerous... I reckon it's pretty harmless by itself, but you get a dozen of these together, they could probably tear apart a whale. Oy! Marv, come look at this! Have you ever seen a red snake before? Marv? I said--" and that's when he turns around.

8) Went for a bike ride during which I had a vision of the NNN series finale. Obviously that's a long way since the series has yet to premiere, but I had never really had a good sense of how the series should end. Now I do. :)

9) Ate a mango and some more cookies

10) DW - "The Impossible Planet" -

11) Nap

12) In episode 2 of NNN there is an invasion of tiny robots. Pinchbots to be precise. I've had the pinchbots built for years, but today I started building their landing ship, which looks exactly like a giant pinchbot.

I had a couple different possibilities for the arms before I built this last one which Is best because it looks the most like the tiny pincher.

(Here's another opportunity to demonstrate why it can take me so long to complete a post. Earlier today when I was getting ready to start this one I looked through to see what pictures I would need. I took these pictures, but after doing that I realized that because of some recent sorting I now had some pieces that would help me finish the head. I spent probably half an hour doing that and also decided to change the color of the pinchbot's eyes from trans orange to trans green. I also made some changes on an unrelated model.
Then, just now as I wrote about the different arms I realized there is a piece I could add to the end of the claw to make it look even more like the tiny pincher so I went and did that.)

13) Leftovers dinner

14) Then I went and hung out with JJ and hid friend from crew (after I quit) Luke for a few hours.

15) Then I came home and I got together something that had arrived earlier that day: Neptune Discovery Lab. Let me tell you about the Neptune Discovery Lab. Of all the themes Lego has ever released, the Aquanauts are my favorite. Trans dark blue is my favorite lego color, so that was part of it, I also loved the silver crystals they introduced. There's also something very compact and delightful about the designs. And the idea of underwater adventure, a whole world of blue, is just very appealing to me. I had every Aquanaut set except Neptune Discovery Base. But oh how I yearned for it. Well I realized that now that I'm an adult with plenty of disposable income there's no reason I should yearn when I can have. I was hoping to have it arrive in time for the lego party, but it got here a day too late, so I had it all to myself. I didn't mind. :)

There's a cool crane that you can use to take crystals out of the sub and move them over to an conveyer belt. On the belt you can move them into a little box, or you can process them and the go tumbling down to a little storage place beneath the base. You can also use the crane to pick up the people and fling them about.

If you want to get a sense of how Lego sets have changed in the past 12 years just compare Neptune Discovery Base to the Aquabase Invasion set. For instance the size of the (one piece) octopus to the giant squid, the fact that the Aquabase is much more about conflict and less about exploration. Aquabase is not fully enclosed, but the Neptune Lab is etc.

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