Friday, July 11, 2008

Lego Party 1 - The Originator

1) One of my favorite videos from this year's animation show is now available on youtube - Western Spaghetti

2) GSB project not being a disaster. I don't remember why I was worried about this, but I'm glad it wasn't a disaster.

3) Stephanie! It had been a while since I saw her in person and longer since I had her all to myself. She met me in HPP and then we picked up beer and went to my apartment.

4) We played a tiny bit of Okami. It'd been so long since we played we had no idea what we were supposed to be doing. Luckily Stephanie remembered that the next goal is marked on the map screen. There was a very long cutscene in which a major character was killed and another one was revealed to be possessed by an evil demon lord. We fought off the demon lord, but he still escaped to his evil frowny face island. Dana showed up while we were playing and this was the first time she had been to my apartment since I first moved in, so it was very different, since it wasn't just full of boxes.

5) Soon after, Paul showed up and we all went to Calypso for dinner. We got the awesome appetizer of plantain chips with guacamole and black bean dip. I got pineapple glazed tilapia. It was good, but nothing like the Dmitri's tilapia. Mmmm... Dmitri's

6) Then I came home while the others went to TI to get some snackable things for the party. I started preparing the butterbeer and put on my Pandora station, Jazz Odyssey, while I waited for people to arrive. Josh was the first one to arrive and he brought along his friend Nick who was in town from LA for the weekend. They examined all the lego displays I have set up around the apartment. They put together the agents set. Here they are posing with the finished product:

Dana and Stephanie worked together on putting together the Robin vs. The Penguin set. This was Dana's first time putting together a lego set.

Of course the most exciting part for them were the tiny penguins. I can't blame them, when I first saw pictures of The Batcave set I wanted it just for those little penguins. I never got that set, but I might get another copy of this set just for more of those penguins. Especially since one of them mysteriously disappeared. Wait, what am I talking about?
Paul challenged himself to put together the Batman vs. Mr Freeze set without using the instructions. He got it all right except for one or two pieces that he couldn't see in the picture on hte box.

Jim and his brother Mike worked together on putting together the Skeleton Castle set and said it was just like the good ole days.

At a certain point my living room was full of people all intently working on putting legos together. It made me very happy.

7) I got many compliments on the ButterBeer.

8) One of the things Dana and Stephanie found at the store was a juicebox of wine.

Way back in 2005 when Stephanie and I (and Abe) were riding the bus from Midway to Hyde Park we created a religion. One of the principle elements of this religion was that the holy wine was always in juicebox form. I never thought it would actually exist.

(This is a complete tangent - but I just spent several hours on a wikipedia-esque spiral. That's right it wasn't even on wikipeida, it was on one of it's many imitators. The internet is a scary place. This is one of the reasons It can take so long for me to write an update. I'll think of something and want to go research it and end up lost for hours before closing enough tabs to return here. )

9) At some point JJ arrived! I hadn't seen him in months and months. However, aside from new stories about his Americorps experiences, he's the same JJ as always.

10) So in addition to putting together the big sets that I had bought for myself , every one who came to the party got a lego set of their own to take home. And if they wanted to (nearly everyone did) they could use the pieces from that set to build something else and whoever built the coolest thing (judged by me) would win a prize. Since there were two different sets there were two seperate contests:

People built some awesome things. Choosing the winners was difficult, but ultimately I just went with whatever impressed me the most. This is a bad picture of the Aquaraiders winner, but it was really awesome. It had arms and legs and used a whole bunch of techniques I didn't even realize were legitimate ways to connect legos. It was built by Nick.

The Mars Mission winner was built by Renee. I liked the simple elegance of this bird like creature.

Of course, the Mars Mission winner, would have been Stephanie if she hadn't pulled herself out of hte contest because she had an unfair advantage. She used her pieces to build 7 little things, including a bowite, a squashed penguin, a lamp, a robot dog, a tiny bipedal shark and a couple aliens.

11) I got many compliments on what a great party it was.

12) It was also Friday!

13) I was worried that is was going to be ungodly hot with all the people in the apartment and no air conditioning, but it turned out to be alright.

14) I was also worried that there would not be enough lego but there ended up being just the right amount.

15) The last people to leave were Jim and Mike, they were there for a good hour after everyone else left putting together the last two lego sets while I started to clean up. I helped Mike build part of the Aquabase and then around 2 they left and I collapsed into bed. It was a long wonderful day.

Oh yeah and there are more photos on flickr.

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