Sunday, July 13, 2008

More legos, and some food with friends

1) Sleeping super late

2) Sam mentioned my Lego Purva on his lj and said "I know I am internet famous when legos get into the act. :D"

3) Built more of the Pinchbot Landing Robot (Landing-bot?)

4) I began sorting all the lego leftover from the party as well as the big box of unsorted lego that was sitting under my coffee table. Here's what my living room looked like this afternoon.

5) This awesome lego bowling alley!

6) Pita for lunch

7) Realizing I could go to grocery store tomorrow and so I didn't have to try to go today.

8) Went downtown to have dinner with JJ and Stephanie and Paul at Pizzeria Ora. We got bruschetta and some pizza I don't remember maybe it had feta cheese?

9) We failed to find a Baskin robin's (this was before I got my iPhone) so we went to Trader Joe's to get ice cream. Then I realized that this also meant I could get TJ mango slices! So I did.

10) The ice cream we decided on was vanilla ice cream coated in hard chocolate. Delicious.

11) Rode the 6 back to HP with JJ, talked about finding a job etc.

12) More sorting. I radically revamped some of my sorting categories during this round. I don't think I've ever created so many new categories in a single sorting. The main innovations were based around four of those trays that each have 14 compartments. Each tray now has it's own category they are: round things, modified 1x2 plates, hinges, and snot pieces/other modified bricks. There's something very satisfying about sorting legos.

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