Tuesday, July 8, 2008

No pictures

1) Not dealing with-- Not dealing with what? We may never know. The important thing is that someone else handled it.

2) My moo cards arrived! So Jay had given me his personal moo card during Brickworld and I thought it was slick. When I signed up for flickr they advertised a deal for a few free moo cards. I didn't act fast enough to get that, but I did order some personal cards. They have my van gogh face on the front and my contact info and my youtube site on the back. My regular business cards are good for regular business, but these are great for people who wanted to see my animations.

3) Volcano Base photo review

4) Rajun Cajun leftovers

5) Preliminary Lego Ellis Graveworthy and Clare Fields. No pictures - maybe when they're done.

6) Screenwriter's Circle was here at my place. It's nice to have people over. There was woodchuck cider aplenty and some scripts were read.

7) After we had read through the stuff, it was still early and so we watched the Pilot episode of Six Feet Under. I will admit that I had an ulterior motive of trying to get people addicted to it so I would have more people to talk to about it. Success! I lent Mead the first season before she left. I proceeded to laugh maniacally.

8) Sam's Whofic hidden away in comments - so good!

9) Another thing I'd been meaning to do since Brickworld was to re immerse myself in an AFOL forum. I used to post on one back in middle school, but I stopped during high school and college. So I joined Eurobricks, since Mark is one of the moderators and they always get pictures of upcoming sets first.

10) My first post was this epically long one about themes I'd love to see produced. If nothing else it was good to get those ideas out of my head.

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