Monday, July 7, 2008

Other People's Pictures

1) Jenny sent me an e-mail with a picture of this awesome x-wing shirt she made for a friend's baby. That's going to be one styling baby.

2) Mead posted all her Dr. Sympathy photos to facebook. Here are the ones I am in:

This picture makes me glad I went through the trouble of wrapping the string around my neck every time I put the mask on. It really adds to the creepiness factor

Oh yeah, this was back when I still had facial hair.

"We are all friends here."

"Imagine someone takes your picture."

I like the way it seems like the guy in the green shirt is saying "Me?" as Theo is accusing him of somthing.

I really like this picture

Merry Christmas from the cast of Dr. Sympathy!

Like I said, I know how to play creepy.

3) So as a video production office we accumulate a fair number of digital video tapes. And while most of our media resides on our servers in pure digital form, we do have all the tapes as back-up. We have racks mounted to the walls that we keep them in. Well we'd been accumulating tapes past the capacity of our current wall racks a while back and so I had devised all sort of stop gap measures to deal with them. They filled up boxes and drawers. But we finally got a bunch more racks and Joe mounted them all so now (almost) all the tapes are on the wall where they belong. And we've got a bunch of space for future tapes.

4) Grapes

5) Rajun Cajun for dinner

6) Not making dinner - it was too hot

7) DW - "Idiot's Lantern"
Rose: Where we off to?
The Doctor: Ed Sullivan TV studios. Elvis did "Hound Dog" on one of the shows, there were loads of complaints. Bit of luck, we'll just catch it.
Rose: And that would be TV studios in... what, New York?
The Doctor: That's the one.
[a red double-decker bus goes by, the Doctor hits the brakes]
Rose: Ha ha, dig that New York vibe.
The Doctor: Well, this could still be New York. I mean, this looks very New York to me. Sort of a London-y New York, mind you, but...
Rose: That thing, is it trapped for good on video?
The Doctor: That's right. But just to be on the safe side though, I'll use my unrivalled knowledge of trans-temporal extrapolation methods to neutralise the residual electronic pattern.
Rose: You'll what?
The Doctor: I'm gonna tape over it.
Rose: Just leave it to me. I'm always doing that.
8) Uploading my Dr. Sympathy photos

9) Blogged Brickworld Day 1. So many pictures and so much to say.

10) Sent Lego Purva's pic to her creator (on Stephanie's encouragement)

11) Since I didn't take a nap I slept like the dickens

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