Monday, July 14, 2008

Time for a New Poll!

1) The song "Knights of Cydonia" is totally awesome. The music video is kind of ridiculous (and kind of awesome), but I only just watched that now for the first time. The song is just so wonderfully epic and it's vague enough that it conjures all sorts of images in my head. Listening to it on the bike ride was what gave me the vision of the series finale of NNN.

(The NNN cast gallop on crystal horses across a plain just barely outrunning the collapsing sky and the fearsome titans that are on the other side. They rally in New New Block City where Zundar/Eyes is using magic to keep the sky up against the Intangible's onslaught. Phil, Sherry and Robert build an army from the thousands of decapitated Figurians that fill the streets. They give their newly born "children" a speech about who they are and all they can be and why they have to fight etc. The sky breaks and the last battle between the Intangibles and the Figurians begins.)

I've also imagined a trailer for the final part of Lego movie 2 to this music. And some non-lego time-travelling animations. It's awesome.

2) Lunch from umart = delicious

3) Got the new printer to work (after an embarrassing call to tech support).

4) Penny Arcade was holding a 7 words contest for a free hotel room and pass to PAX. This was my entry. It's a haiku.
"iridescent screens
beeping booping euphony
ephemeral bliss"

5) Talked to mom an dad

6) Ate dinner

7) Break a Leg - "Drug Trip" - "Tell him I said heil.. I mean hi." - David and Chase's spirit animals.

8) Posted Sea Snake Surprise on Eurobricks.

9) Working on the script for NNN episode 2. Made some small changes that screenwriter's had suggested last time, added some new bits, getting close to the end.

10) Worked on Grabbor - the leader of the Pinchbots from episode 2. The only thing I'm not sure of is what his eyes should look like. I've narrowed it down to 3 possibilities. I will leave the decision in your hands.

The first option is the standard disc eye. They would both be trans-neon green, I just don't have two in my Chicago collection so I put a trans-orange one as a placeholder.

Option 2 is the bulbous eye.

The side view allows you to appreciate just how bulbous they are.

And then the third and final option is these crazy eyes, which once belonged to an enraged Tiresaurus.

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Anesha said...

Hi Nice Blog . I don't really know a lot about Human anatomy or art, but that's just my 2 cents. Really great job though, Krudman! Keep up the good work!