Thursday, July 3, 2008


1) Leftovers - so hungry

2) Sam's fics about Jack and the Doctor being roommates

3) Two naps

4) Ice cream sandwich

5) Hanging out with Seth and Tiffany. I woke up from my naps a bit disoriented and it was hot inside my apartment so I wandered outside and walked around for a while not knowing where I was going or why. I tried calling Tiffany, but it went to voicemail. By the time she called me back I had walked to campus. Then I turned around and walked back to where Seth is subletting for the summer and hung out with them for a while.

6) On the way I picked up some real fruit popsicles from TI. The flavors were strawberry, lime and wild berry. They were delicious.

7) Then we watched "Unbreakable." I'd never seen it before, it was very good. It was shot in perfect comic book style and the colors, oh my god the colors. It's too bad M Night Shyamalan's films went downhill after this. He does have some good sensibilities. Tiffany said they're not going to let him write any more so maybe he'll have a resurgence. I just wish the movie was longer. The end was very abrupt. As I said to Stephanie, it had the pacing of a longer movie.

8) There was a crazy rain storm while we were watching the movie. But when I got home I was happy to find that it didn't get in through my open windows.

9) This crazy lego Vader

10) Buying plane ticket home (hey, as I type this, I'm sitting in the airport waiting for my return flight)

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