Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday Schmursday

1) Life cereal. I had forgotten how great it was. It's always nice to rediscover wonderful things.

2)Bowser's minions video

3) Listened to this episode of This American Life after Tiffany sent the link to me. Some of the stories were better suited to the theme than others, but they were all entertaining. I think my favorite was the one about "Goose Xing"

4) Since I'm going to be commuting a lot more once I move up north I'm going to be getting a monthly bus pass and I'm going to be paying for it with pre-tax dollars. I set up the stuff for that today so come September 1st it should be ready to go.

5) Stephanie reminded me of this Monty Python Argument sketch which I'd seen before, but not in a while and the version I saw before was shorter. The self-aware part at the end makes me unreasonably happy. Especially right at the end when two more police officer arms show up and you can just imagine an infinite chain of them.

6) I got a gigantic paycheck today. It included my big bonus as well as being the first month my raise takes effect, so it was by far the largest check I'd ever gotten. Hopefully it will also be the last check I get here as I finally submitted the paperwork for direct deposit last month, so that should kick in for the next one.

7) Went for a bike ride

8) Tried a new recipe for dinner. It's one I got from Jenny it's called Panzanella. It's really simple, just cut up tomatoes and basil and day old Italian bread and toss them together with some vinegar, olive oil and salt and pepper. Very tasty. I also had bought a block of mozzerella cheese and I ate some of that along with it as well.

9) DW- "Love and Monsters" - The best part fro me was the Scooby-Doo style door chase.

10) Taking apart some lego sets and sorted the pieces.

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