Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Why so serious?

1) Snoozing just once

2) I discovered today that youTube recently released a tracking tool so you can see how many views your videos got on different days with breakdowns by age and gender and country (and state in the US). It's not particularly useful information (to me at least), but it is nice to know that January 29th, 2008 was my most popular day on youTube, where I had over 4000 views. Most of them were for Mario in Legoland. My largest demographic (no surprise) is 17 and under. Also I was pretty popular in Asia when I first started my account, but since then it waned significantly.

3) Then I went on the biggest shoot I've ever done. Well it had the most cameras. 3. Ben, Josh and I were operating while Renee oversaw. We were taping an interview of two important art collectors in their penthouse apartment in the Gold Coast. Expensive artwork abounded. With set-up and b-roll and break down we were there for a few hours, but everything went very smoothly, which is all I care about during a shoot. The footage also looks great, which is a nice bonus.

There was a lot of equipment to bring down after ward and Josh and I brought down the first batch and then Josh took off and I sat waiting for Ben and Renee to finish up and come down. While I did I was texting furiously with Stephanie, who was already at the theater waiting for me. Then when they did come down, I had to wait another 15 minutes while they went and got Ben's van to load up the equipment. This picture I made on Scribble expresses how I felt during that time:

4) Once we loaded up and were on our way, Ben very kindly dropped me off at River East.

5) I met Stephanie in the theater where she had reserved 3 prime seats. I then told her that if she wished, instead of taking a photo of her she could use Scribble to draw a picture to represent her on my iPhone. This is the result.

6) Then we saw The Dark Knight. Oh my goodness. I don't want to spoil any of it, but it was incredible. Heath Ledger stole every scene he was in, the Joker was done absolutely perfectly, he was psychotic and funny and such a pure distillation of evil genius. About 2/3 of the way through the movie I thought it was almost over, but then it just got better and more awesome. I can't wait to own it. I really wonder what they'll do for the next one. Catwoman done properly could be fantastic, but I think there'd probably need to be another villain thrown-in just to have some action scenes early on.

7) For dinner we went to Fox & Obel, or Pasa Nobel as we will always refer to it due to my mishearing Dana once. We talked about the movie and how awesome it was. I don't even remember what I ate. Turkey sandwich?

8) Caught the 6, and I do mean caught. I had to run a little bit, but I got it.

9) Break A Leg Episode 12 - I liked the ghosts. Or as Chase said "g-g-g-g-g-g-ghosts?" - "Love. Chair. Tulip. Tune in at green." - "This is going to be huge on the Inter-Gore" "Internet" "Inter-Gore-Net." "Just internet." "No, I don't think so." - Larry shooting that guy.

10) Remembering to print out my ticket - although this would prove less important that it initially seemed.

11) Packing didn't take too long, so it was not terribly late when I got to sleep.

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