Saturday, August 9, 2008

7 in 1

In the interest of actually catching up I am going to post a week's worth of wonderfuls in one post with as little explanation (and capitalization) as possible. I won't even copy and paste quotes from TV episodes.

made pirate smilies
torchwood fic (not sam)
josh (opotzner) finds the triforce
vegetables pre cut (from yesterday)
fried rice and peanut chicken
mom and dad
knights of cydonia video
fake-carcassone with Paul, Stephanie and Alex

weird Communications dream
sick day
sleep away the day
leftovers lunch
DW/TW snippets
talking with Karan
bike ride
DW- runaway bride
SFU- parallel play - "you can shave my legs for free"
text from juan - he can help with the shoot.
break a leg - ghost's mimes and partridges - francesca miming & yelling at that guy
heroes snippets
SFU - can I come up now?

shoot went well despite - being far away (also 10th floor), lack of power, etc.
real firestore a/c adapters!
kidwell up - cross it off the long term post-it
shopping - remembering sandwich bags
bike ride
dinner and shower
lego wind orchestra - the instruments!
screen writer's
discussion of film school and film and fire escape etc.
sam interview

sleeping in
not having to take a shower (because I took one the previous night)
sam's hp snippets
couple blog posts
DW- Smith and jones - "they've got a shop!" - dijoon platoon on the moon
lego as art post
recycling lego boxes
Northern Exposure - pilot
why we banned legos
writing my response to the lego as art post

another response to art conversation
reading other people's thoughts throughout the day
dad's dog nap story e-mail
leaving early
bike ride
hanging out
helping krista with lego set
gorgeous lego taj mahal pics

lego pirates vs. lego fish monster
another reply in the art thread
margarita with stephanie while her mom played cornhole
art museum for free with them
LGBTQ alumni mixer at minibar
went to Roscoes's with some of them afterward
mini mighty mango
77 & 9 busluck - also will someone please explain this vehicle to me?

dana's party
meeting dana's sister
delicious cake -> frosting fight

waking up without an alarm
lazy morning/early afternoon
couple blog updates
fixing bike = removing these parts

bike ride
corn on the cob
riding CTA with Tiffany and Seth - incredible luck both ways
mama destas
butter beer and ROTJ
volcano base is available! (but I have to wait until I move to buy new legos)
not going into work

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