Friday, August 1, 2008

Allergies? Sure, why not

1) I went into work, but I was feeling weird, I was coughing and sneezing and had a headache and my throat hurt. So I used a sick day and went home.

2) I watched an episode of 8 out of 10 cats that I had downloaded because Sam linked to it. It was entertaining, but not as much so as some of the other crazy British game shows he's made me aware of .

3) Then I had a Benadryl induced approximately four hour coma.

4) I woke up famished. Luckily there were leftovers in the fridge. They quickly became my lunch.

5) Then I watched "The making of me - John Barrowman." (This was also by Sam's rec, but Stephanie was the one who sent me the file.) The part where he was home with his family and speaking with a Scottish accent was very strange, (though not as strange as hearing Hugh Laurie's natural accent). The documentary was a bit drawn out, I guess I already knew a lot of what they were saying already, but it was still entertaining. For instance, I already knew about the older brother study, which was sort of the big reveal. But I guess I have a vested interest in the topic.

6) This onion article about Al Gore's son - link courtesy of Stephanie's blog.

7) Putting away lego - carpet is clear. This is what it looked like after my sorting rampage last night.

8) My dinner consisted of corn on the cob, apple juice and a soft pretzel.

9) Putting away more legos - half the coffee table is clear

10) Redesigning my youTube page

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