Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Jenny

1) Our weekly production meeting was a lunch meeting this week and so I ordered Jimmy John's for the 4 of us. The process was painless (even by phone!) and the results were delicious. I myself got the beach club.

2) My future landlord called today to talk about when I would come to pick up the keys! This was nice both because I'm excited about my new place and because, even though I knew it was a silly worry, part of me couldn't help being afraid that somehow this was all going to go wrong and I wouldn't have a place to move. But that's just inevitable paranoia.

3) I called Jenny to wish her a Happy Birthday and we talked for a good half an hour. We talked about her day, Leo's new job (he will be teaching 3rd grade at a Catholic school in town), Northern Exposure, my impending move, Torchwood, Isaiah's adventures at daycare, The Procrastinator etc.

4) Took a quick shower

5) Had a roasted garlic chicken pizza for dinner.

6) Read part 5 of "Another Life." Action!

7) Then everyone (all four of them) came over for a Screenwriter's meeting at my place. There was woodchuck cider and we read Mead's Walmart horror movie. And we ordered pizza from Dominoes online and there was a pizza tracker that informed us that Dwayne was custom making our order. But then I messed it up and we couldn't track it the rest of the way. It eventually showed up though and then we decided to go rent Brazil and take it and the pizza to Joe's place to watch on the projector.

8) I'd seen Brazil once, years ago, but I had forgotten how great it was. It's got amazing art direction and is wonderfully absurd and funny and vibrant. It's got creepy parts, but not too many and it has awesome dream sequences. I guess it's a little hard to follow, I definitely had a better grasp on it this time than my first time, although there was a suspicious man whose importance I never figured out, but I like movies where you have to work things out a bit. (Donnie Darko, Fight Club, etc.)

9) Right after the movie I was walking to the bathroom and looking at the windows in Joe's kitchen I had a fleeting sensation of another time and place. I couldn't even tell you where or when it was, it was so brief, but it felt familiar and fresh.

10) Mead gave me a ride home. On the way we took a little detour and saw some taggers in action.

11) Today's xkcd made me laugh more than I've laughed at xkcd in quite some time.

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