Monday, August 25, 2008

Let's see how long I stay caught up

1) Got up with my alarm - it's the small victories that matter.

2) Today is the 30th anniversary of the minifig.

3) That blog linked to three cool vintage lego commercials

4) And this contest had these three cool lego animations.

5) There was a shoot today that I covered with Tiffany. It's fun to work with her.

6) Leo got not one but two offers for teaching jobs!

7) California wrap

8) My stroke of genius that allowed me to catch up on this blog, even if it was cheating.

9) Talking with mom and dad.

10) Nap of indeterminate length.

11) Listened to Michelle Obama's speech while I updated. This particular angle was filmed by the blog Lila works for.

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