Friday, August 29, 2008

A Little Excitement

-1) Meet my new nemesis

That's right, a pothole. I hit this while riding my bike to work today and proceeded to go flying. Luckily my arms took the brunt of the fall , and for aside from some cuts and scrapes the biggest wound was in my pride. The handlebars on my bike were also knocked out of alignment, but otherwise it seemed fine.

1) Josh was in the office when I arrived all bloody and went and got a first aid kit while I cleaned off the worst of it in the bathroom.

2) Today was the first time I was paid via direct deposit. It was glorious.

3) Renee was trying to get some pictures off her camera but had left the cord at home. However thanks to my mad problem solving skills I thought up a solution, which didn't require her leaving the office. I joked that even if my arms were maimed I could still use my brain.

4) Spent some time teaching Caitlin the basics of DVD Studio Pro. It's fun to pass on knowledge. Also the more my students know the less I have to do.

5) I left my bike locked up at work and had a nice walk home.

6) Dinner was chicken tenders + corn on the cob + left over bread and cheese

7) Conclusion of "Another Life"

8) Sam also posted a living coat fic

9) I was a exhausted so I took a nap.

10 Took a shower and redressed all my wounds better than they were this morning.

11) So I have a couple small cuts on the heel of my palms. and while they are easy enough to cover up with bandaids, the bandaids come off really easily. So I bought some cheap gardening gloves when I picked up other bandaging supplies and cut off the finger to make some hobo gloves:

The primary purpose of these is to prevent the bandaids from slipping, while still allowing me to type, animate etc. I think I might also wear them when I go biking in the future to protect my hands in case of another spill.

12) Mom posted some pictures of Isaiah, here are my favorites:

13) Animating "and through sheer willpower, they turned the sun green"

14) Editing what I animated and also the credits screen and changing background under titlescreen. Here's the latest.

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