Sunday, August 31, 2008

Packing, Animating Etc.

1) Watched the past 2 Daily Shows with lunch.

2) Worked on packing

3) Used home made graph paper to make to draw and cut out my furniture so I could arrange it in my apartment tomorrow.

3) Finally applied for Zipcars. I couldn't decide between them and IGo for a long time, and then I decided on IGo, but they didn't accept my license as valid so Zipcars it was. I also get a discount as a University employee.

4) Setting up Electric service and Mail to transfer/forward to new apartment online. Cancelled the internet service here.

5) Animating "because there's nothing more obscene than the sun turned green"

6) In an attempt to clear out whatever food is left in my house so I don't have to move it I had scrambled eggs for dinner.

7) NE - "The Russian Flu" - This episode had a self-referential dream sequence. Not quite as great as a regular dream that breaks the forth wall and then calls itself out on it, but still.

8) Made a small batch of cocoa throwdowns to use up the last of the oatmeal. Also because they are delicious.

9) animating - aquabots take up arms to defend their home, one lone wariior, only you can decide

10) Made a motion graphic for- "the movie you never thought possible" Not going to post a link to the newest version, but I've calculated it and I'm ~60% done.

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