Sunday, August 31, 2008

Paul and Stephanie Move

0) A while back I was at CVS and saw this product. What a terrible name.

1) On my way to Stephanie and Paul's place I stopped at Corner Bakery and used the gift card to get an OJ and a Blueberry Muffin. Delicious.

2) I also got a sub from Jimmy Johns for later. In the blue line there was this meta-ad but I'm not sure what it's an ad for? Polaroid I guess?

3) I arrived ready ot help out and Stephanie told me my job was to sit and guard their stuff. Easy enough. Later we had popsicles.

4) Then I went w/ Stephanie to pick up the truck. It was a nice little walk and get the truck was even easier than it is at Uhaul.

5) Then we started loading the truck. My job was to pack the truck while they brought everything to me. Stephanie gave me this job because
A) I was injured
B) She didn't want to think about where to put stuff
C) She wanted someone to be with the truck at all times to ensure nothing was stolen.
I put my ipod on to the Bad Plus and worked away. I think I did a damn good job as it all fit and there was only minimal shifting. Here's a picture of my masterpiece:

6) Then we drove over to their new apartment. There was an alley behind the place, but at first it was not clear where we should put the truck, then we found a perfect spot for it, which was close and did not obstruct traffic.

7) We got treats from Dairy Queen to replenish our energy. Mine was a vanilla shake. It was so good. Stephanie said that her Blizzard makde her a little nauseous. I say that it approached that line, but remained delicious. This let to creation of the words denauseous and naudicious.

8) Unloading was much faster, this may be due to the fact that their new apartment was on the ground floor, but mostly I think it's due to the Kroop factor. Dana showed up to help out with the unloading and since she hadn't been moving stuff all day she was full of energy and was a great help.

9) Then she suggested we all go out for dinner, which was good, because I hadn't even thought of food. After returning the truck she drove us to a Moroccan place near her apartment. There were lots of cool lamps and we had some good food. The appetizer was called Zalouk or something and was this tasty paste made of eggplant and tomoatoes and onions and basil I think. I had a chicken and rice and pototoe thing. I devoured it.

10) Got home and took a fantastic shower. For the first couple minutes I just stood there and let the water fall over me. Redressed my wounds. They seem to be progressing nicely towards health.

11) Went immeditaely to sleep for a good 11 hours.

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