Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Rainbow Council needs your help

So I recently thought up another element of the NNN universe. I've always known that there were wizards and witches running amok all over Figuria and that some of them were allied with Zundar and helped him maintain the sky and so forth. In particular I knew that Malbus Windumbledore was his closest ally. But it was only in the last few weeks that I came up with the idea of the Rainbow Council.

This group of 6 witches and wizards live in the Rainbow Palace in the sky and from there watch over all of Figuria. They will show up in episode 3 (though mostly in the background, only Malbus will be talking)

Obviously this is Malbus Windumbledore, but I have no clue who these other people are. That's where you come in. These people need names, any help would be greatly appreciated. First names, last names, crazy titles, anything. Bonus points if you cleverly work an appropriate color into the name. (Gerald the Green is non-clever and thus would earn no bonus points.)

This green wizard is supposed to have a green cape and non-mangled green wizard hat.

This yellow witch will eventually have a custom face, something Cleopatra-esque.

There are very few options in orange, pyromancy was really the only way to go.

Sorry I haven't been posting the past few days, I'm taking time off work to animate and I'm sick, so my days are a little strange.


Anonymous said...

While changing to espanol isn't particularly clever, I like the sound of "Azultia Catarata" (essentially blue waterfall) for the blue person (obviously) - Leo

Stephanie said...

Aquaphobia? Countess Cerulean?
Emerald Enchanter? Chartreuse Caster?
Cleopatra Canary? Saffron Sorceress?
Tangerine Titan? Ginger Giant? Flamer?
Miss Scarlet? Ruby Ravisher? Vermilion Vixen? Crimson Crusader?
(Red has way more synonyms than orange)

Jake said...

Mr Green... I would name him

Dart Mantella

I looked up frogs on the internet and got

Look up dart frogs for the info...

Anonymous said...

Rouge Sphira for the red one,
Pyre Naranja for the orange one,
Jaune Clara for the yellow one,
Rob Verto for the green one,
Azuranna Lacus for the blue one,
and you already had a name for the purple one, so those were my ideas.

Anonymous said...

The red one would be Celeste Vermilliane.
The orange one would be Chuck Princeton.
The yellow one would be Cleo Arylide.
The green one would be Mirtle Kwest.
The blue one would be Tiffany Erida.

The thing with these names is, it is pretty much impossible to know where the color is hidden. I bet my bottom buck you won't find them all.

Vernon said...

Isn't vermillion a shade of green?

Anonymous said...

Why no orange transparent chainsaw?