Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sentences = Overrated

This is genius. Why didn't I think of this sooner?

another slow morning - this one with waffles
bike ride - to the beach north of millenium park
season 1 arc of Malifios v Zundar - week 2 = plot foiled per day - week 3 = dragon lands excursion and poison fruit salad - week 4 = malifios resigned - sherry encourages him - weather machine absconded - week 5 = strange weather occurences all around rising pressure from various groups - weekend between 5 &6 - dance party snowstorm - week 6 the trial of Zundar Silverspine and subsequent exile - the sky begins to fall down and New Block City is all but destroyed - Zundar saves the day.
DW- Shakespeare Code
shower good shave
eating a third of that french bread on the walk home
grapes & walnuts
mah jong w/ S + A + P
pictionary w/ S + A
panzanella v 2.0
mom and dad
genius of laptop = work from home
pulling out sereno narrative = easy

This incredile dragon temple
biking timecards in
working from home - leftovers for lunch
cutting to music
Stephanie and I agree on Uhaul and shared labor
dishes and dinner prep
taking a break from work to make dinner
curried chicken SO GOOD
northern exposure - episode 2
last bit of work
working on the trial of zundar script

uhaul rental and go vertical registration
buysite- spoons and a microwave and soap and toilet paper and food
renee being back - teamwork ahoy
checks arrived
dinner -leftovers
more trial of Zundar writing
talking with Mead about NNN - is she more NNN informed than Stephanie? close 2nd for sure
two days of Stephanie's blog to read

amazing lego creatures - snake soldier - centaur - mecha-knight - ice dragon - gryphon -tree house - transformer
stone golem gets separate mention, because the instructions give me a better idea of how to build a mannequin
my pirate smilies are doing well - 2nd and 5th
half a muffin
avocado sushi
a lesson is learned but the damage is irreversible credit: Stephanie - also Penny Arcade a while back, but I had only read half and then forgotten it existed
DW - Gridlock
mannequin attempt 2

realizing how much power I have in the office
boxes for free for me!
caitlin handling the NVC guy
awesome lego scientists contest (not that I have time to enter)
run bike
yogurt and orange
space ghost clips
blogging three days
playing slither link

lunch at med with NSIT
eating outside at the Med
biking part way home with Tiffany
the work week being over
fixing my bike wheel's alignment
RC- chicken curry
DW- daleks in manhatten
empty sink
working on my macbook in the living room - videos
signed up for metacafe
poll is over - crazy eyes have it

sleep in
chocolate chex
getting sereno videos sent off
bike ride - palm tree beach

rainbow council conceived
DW - "Evolution of the Daleks"
building the rainbow council
putting boxes together plus discovery of old boxes from last move
packing books
NE - Soapy Sanderson
NE - Dreams, Schemes and Putting Greens

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