Saturday, August 23, 2008

This is how fast August has felt, so it's only fair

waking up at the alarm
packing star destroyer
rainbow -> LDD
sandman - sleep of the just
bike ride -> pack of people watching A&W show = turn around
sandman issues 2-8
packing lego sets rest of DVDs
peppercorn chicken and peas
Mom and Dad
DW- Lazarus
little time at work
cocoa throwdowns
sandman 9 -12

tiffany's call waking me up
day of meetings
production meeting
leaving early
mega man~ cut man and bomb man - got to fire man
bike ride - malifios forcing phil and sheery apart - their first broadcast - their last broadcast
DW -42
lego pirates 2009 set list leaked?!
BaL - war games
crossing things off the to-do list
mega man - fireman - figuring out to use cut beam on the annoying spiky floor monsters - elecman

slow morning
lunch with paul
mark e-mailed back
renee said I could have the office
chocolate croissant
pictures of new pirates sets
sam's first chapter of ALT DW fic
magic forest AMAZING
not going to screenwriter's
waking up from fever dream- not being trapped far north
mega ma - iceman and guts man
sandman and ricola

feeling better than last night
gobero videos posted
stephanie's western blot worked
lots of vitamin c
waking up to stephanie
dw - human nature
another life part 2
qi clip from stephanie
cutting up audio
mango fruitbar /popsicle
gamefaqing to find about magnet beam

almost all better (or so I thought)
cut the audio together - 1:55
DW - "The Family of Blood"
chicken noodle soup
saltine chicken
DW - Blink
getting animation place set-up
marshall picks up change

feeling better again - now with cough
italian wedding soup
dw- utopia
part 3 of another life
shopping - easy exchange - dayquil
call uhaul -can drop it off in Lincoln park
animatic work
"Chose Your Own Stoyline - The fight for Paradise hills" motion graphic
left overs saltine chicken dinner
DW - sound of drums
animating favorite activities
shopping - doing a good turn - popsicles etc.
dw - the last of the time lords

nearly all better
daily show with breakfast
sandman extra bits
short bike ride
made pasta salad
animating - sam, simon, solomon, steve
dinner - left overs once more
martha jones' blog
animating - horses
actually finishing the animatic
amazing lego dragon
mead's party

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