Sunday, August 24, 2008


1) Part 4 of "Another Life"

2) As I was walking to Dana's house I turned a corner and there was a refreshing burst of breeze.

3) Why was I heading to Dana's House you ask? Why to attend her science party of course. I was the first to arrive, as I had exceptional CTA luck and generally overestimated the amount of time it would take me to get there, so I helped her and her roommate Caitlin finish setting up. I got to mix the colors for the celery experiment (that ultimately failed). And I looked at the instructions to an experiment that wasn't conducted at all. Very useful I was.

4) Eventually Stephanie and Paul arrived and then I hung out with them for the rest of the party. I mean it's not like I ignored everyone else, they were welcome to join in our awesomeness if they proved themselves worthy (read: funny).

5) One of the experiments involved eggs that had been soaked in vinegar and thus become squishy and strange. While Paul and others were off trying to bounce some in the street. Stephanie and I wondered what would happen if we poked it with a fork. So like true scientists we experimented. I held the egg while Stephanie poked it. It popped and the yolk went flying. It was very satisfying.

6) Then there were a series of diet coke and mentos experiments, and while not as comprehensive as the ones in this video, we did discover that Diet Coke is superior is fountaining ability than off brand diet cola, and the culminating experiment involved Dana and I pouring Diet coke and mentos into Paul's mouth to make a human soda fountain. I really hope someone got a picture of that, although it's certainly my most vivid memory from the party.

7) A while back I download Urban Spoon on to my iPhone because Dana had mentioned how cool she thought the concept was when we discussed the fact that I was getting an iPhone. Today I remembered I had it and let her try it out. She was ecstatic. Her reaction was certainly worth the minimal effort. :)

8) On the CTA on the way there and back I watched "Hancock" on my iPhone (Josh had given it to me a while back already compressed.) It was entertaining enough for the CTA, but I'm glad I didn't pay to see it in theaters. It's a jumble of ideas, and none of them really go anywhere. There were a couple good action sequences, but nothing spectacular. My biggest problem was that the convoluted weakness they introduced directly contradicts several parts of the movie and in general does not make sense. SPOILER WARNING: So basically there's a superwoman and Hancock and her are drawn to each other, but when they are close the lose their powers and become mortal. And yet somehow they manage to have a big superpowered fight all over the town. And sometimes they feel wounds inflicted on the other, but sometimes they don't etc. It's just sloppy and after 2 tight superhero movies this summer, it just looks that much worse.

9) Candy corn

10) Mega Man (it came out for virtual console last week) I fianlly beat the first part of Dr. Wily's castle. And while I had to use gamefaqs twice, they were both justified. The first time it was because I was stuck, and as I found out, the only way to progress was go back to a previous stage and acquire a hidden weapon. Now, granted, it was hidden in plain sight, but still it's poor game design when you can get to the final stage and not possess something you need to complete it (unless it's intentional like in Stephanie's impossible game, then it's just sadistic). And the second time was to figure out the easiest way to defeat this boss. If you watch the first minute you'll see why I decided cheating was acceptable. 90% of the time this boss is invincible and throwing himself across the in lots of fast moving chunks, if you get hit by one of these chunks it takes away about 1/5 of your life. If you manage to score a hit on him during his rare moments of vulnerability you take off an 12th of his life (or a 6th if you use the right weapon). That is, unless you exploit a glitch in the game.

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Dana said...


(returning back from possessed self)

there is a dismal lack of photos from the science party. this leaves me with a deep sadness.

that said, i'd like to confirm for the readership that Paul makes an excellent diet coke fountain.