Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another day off

1) Sleeping in a lot. Adam was sick and we had bothe been up late, so we didn't really wake up until nearly noon.

2) Chewy bar breakfast

3) shower

4) We played Mario Kart w/ others online again. We did much better this time. One of us came in 1st at some point.

5) It was nice and sunny out. The previous 3 days it was raining all day.

6) Adam hadn't seen "The Dark Knight" yet and I had no problem seeing it again so we went.

7) Got Jimmy Johns for dinner.

8) On the way to the movie we made a quick detour by the lego store to pick up this set. When we got home we split up the bags and instructions and put it together. It's incredibly awesome.

9) Then we played Mario Kart online with Alex and one of his CA friends.

10) Caught up on the internet

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