Sunday, September 21, 2008

cleaning day

1) Slept for ~ 12 hours

2) Slow morning (afternoon technically) This was the first day I really had to relax in my apartment since moving in. I mean I was relaxed when Adam was here, but it's different.

3) Jimmy Johns for lunch. I love it so.

4) Mac admitted they were wrong for trying to charge me for the rest of September.

5) Nostalgia sort of flooded me as I was sitting in my apartment eating lunch and then as I was cleaning. I guess I just took for granted how powerful a place can be in bringing back memories. When I look back on the last year I've come pretty far. Especially that first month where I had very little furniture and only one tiny lamp to try and light that enormous living room.

6) So then I spent the afternoon cleaning the apartment. Not fun really, but at least now it's done.

7) On the way back north I read a bunch more of Calling on Dragons.

8) Went out to dinner w/ Tiffany and Seth. We went to a pizza place near them. We got a bottle of wine, which made me feel very grown up. We got a thin crust spinach and garlic pizza and pumpkin ravioli for an appetizer. The pumpkin ravioli were a littel dissapointing, but everything else was lovely.

9) Then we went to their place and they showed me clips from Flight of the Concords, which they had told me about a couple times before. The songs were all pretty hilarious/awesome.

10) Walking home I discovered more of our neighborhood.

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