Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Day Off

1) Waking up late

2) Finishing application for contest

3) Playing Mario Kart online with Adam. Even though we were technically competing against each other, we were really competing against the other players, especially the ones that kept beating us.

4) Getting the application sent.

5) We had brunch at Nookies Tree. It was good and reasonably priced. Then we went grocery shopping at Whole Foods (to find soy free vegetable bouillon for Dana) and then came home.

6) It was already around 5 by this point so we started making dinner (Potato Flag takes ~ 2 hours to prepare).

7) After we had gotten part way through Stephanie showed up and she and Adam played mario kart while I worked on dinner more.

8) Eventually everybody else showed up. Everybody being Paul, Dana, Tiffany, Seth and Krista.

9) Potato flag was awesome of course.

10) After dinner we played Cranium. The ones that left an impression on me were Dana's Baton Twirler and the club cranium Sigmund Freud.

11) After everyone left Adam and I played Smash Brothers for a while.

12) Later, I posted the animation to youtube and then linked to it on Brickfilms and Bricks in motion and Eurobricks. I also watched True Blood episode 2 online with Karan. It's not really that good of a show, but it's fun to watch it together.

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