Sunday, September 14, 2008

Eat, Animate, Repeat

1) Took a nap after eating breakfast

2) Spent a couple hours animating

3) Walked down the street and got potbellies for lunch

4) During lunch I watched this great Tina Fey as Palin clip from SNL

5) Spent more time animating

6) One thing I did last night when I was coming back from the wedding was stop back at my old apartment for a minute to take my awesome shower head from there, and brought it to my new place, because the one that came with the apartment is very inferior. So I had my first really good shower in this apartment.

7) Went downtown and met up with Adam at the Metra station. Then we headed back here.

8) After he dropped his stuff off we went for dinner at this Mexican place just around the corner called Mi Tierra. It was alright, but I'm sure there are much better places around the neighborhood.

9) Then we came back and I worked on animating the final scenes while Adam played Mario Kart (and some Smash Brothers) so his skills would be more on par with mine.

10) Finally finished the animation. So remember back in May when I bought a lego set and attached three goals to it, so I coudln't put it together until I'd finished the goals. This was one of them. Yikes! It shouldn't be another 4 months before I finish the last goal though.

Poll Results
The Aquatobots
5 (50%)
The Skeleton Brothers
3 (30%)
Paradise Hills
2 (20%)

Of course the Aquatobots are the natural choice, they are adorable and they did live in Paradise Hills first, but I'm glad some people voted for the Skeletons. Steve has a special place in my heart.

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