Sunday, September 14, 2008

Erika's Wedding

1) Waking up later than 7 (9:30)

2) Taking a little longer to get ready than usual (1.5 hours instead of 1)

3) California wrap for lunch

4) Successfully entered a Zipcar for the first time. I couldn;t figure it our at first, but I called their support line and someone explained it to me without being too patronizing. You just have to hold your card in front of a reader in the upper corner of the windshield (and unlike my new CTA card, it actually works through my wallet). And I had tried putting my card there, but I was waving it around frantically instead of holding it in place for 5 seconds.

I really like Zipcars, they are clean and it's super easy to reserve and pick-up and gas is included. So I adjusted my mirros and such and drove over to the office. Then I loaded up the equipment and headed north to the wedding.

5) What I didn't realize was that the highway I had planned to take was flooded for the first few miles and so I got caught in a ridiculous traffic backup for like an hour and then was forced to exit and there were no detour signs so I just had to guess what streets to take.

I tried to consult the maps function on my iphone when I was stopped at red lights and that gave me a general sense of where I was, but it was not helping me figure out if I could get back on the highway or what an alternative route should be.

So I called Stephanie, and yes I know it's bad to talk on your cell phone while driving, but I think talking on your cell phone is a lesser evil than trying to browse the internet on your iphone while driving since that require you taking your eyes off the road. She got me on a relatively major road heading in the right direction and then I was close enough to the highway that I saw when I had gone norht of hte flodding and could get back on.

6) Now despite showing up about an hour after the wedding was supposed to start, I ended up not being late. Apparently the wedding before had run over time so they were still waiting in another building when I showed up. That was nice. I would have felt really bad if I had actually been late.

7) Talked with Adam while I set up my equipment. He was a very good production assistant, carrying around my bags and stuff and helping me move the tripod when necessary.

8) We were both surprised to see our 4th grade math teacher there. Mr. Wiess apparently is married to one of Erika's friends. It was strange that he remembered us after 13 years.

9) It was nice to see all of the Dusens. I've known them all for a long time, but I hadn't really seen any of them for a while. I also briefly saw the newest Dusen, Kat, who's about a year younger than Isaiah.

10) The ceremony was a traditional Serbian one. So the bride and groom's arms were tied together and they wore the special crowns and there was a lot of chanting. You know, the usual. The filming went well. I still have to put together the DVD (it's what I'm going to work on today) but considering my camera wasn't actually attached to the tripod, it went exceedingly well.

11) For the reception I sat at a table with Adam and his brother Carl and his fiancee (they got married two weeks later) and their family friend Sebastian, who I'd met before and one of their aunts. There was lots of food (a whole bull on a spit) and an open bar (I only had a couple glasses of wine before switching over to sprite) and a serbian band and a dance floor. I got some footage of the festivities, but most just sat and talked and ate and generally had a good time. There was this mazing cake that had those wafer cookies with the creme in them as part of it. I don't understand how it worked, but it was delicious.

12) I dropped off the equipment and returned the Zipcar and then had incredible CTA luck home (the iphone helped the first leg of this.) Then I collapse to sleep.

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