Sunday, September 7, 2008

First Day Here

1) Waking up in my new place

2) Watch some Daily show

3) Got some stuff at Walgreen's

4) Put some shelves together

5) Wandered about bleary-eyed in my new neighborhood for a while

6) Had brunch at Clarke's with Tiffany and Seth and Krista (once she showed up). Tiffany talked about her ridiculous time in Milwaukee on Friday. I had a Monte Cristo, which was kind of intense, but tasty and some delicious potatoes. Brunch was on me to thank them for helping me move.

7) Across the street at Beyond the Wall I bought a new shower curtain and a rug for my bathroom sink.

Want a better look at my awesome shower curtain? Here's a slightly better one. And yes, it's Starry Night.

8) Spent the afternoon setting up my kitchen. Here's what it looks like with some cabinets open.

I really like these hooks above my oven.

9) Went grocery shopping at Jewel on Broadway. It's a bit of a walk, but all the grocery stores are. It was way busier than the Treasure Island ever was and the aisles were really high and felt crowded. I don't think I'll be going back there. I've got a whole bunch of groceries stores that are equidistant from me. I am trying them out one at a time.

10) I bought a package of Sugar Snap Peas and I the entire thing as soon as I got home.

11) I then made a simple dinner of pasta and tomato sauce. I also ate carrots and watched the Colbert Report.

12) I called Mom and Dad and told them about the moving and such.

13) Put my books in my bookcase and my DVDs in my DVD shelf. Here's what my bedroom/office looks like (or boffice as Stpehanie dubbed it).

14) Put things away in my closets. I do wish I had maybe one more closet, but I can make do with these. Here's my living room, because you haven't seen it yet.

Most of the legos were still packed bakc then, I only got around to setting most of them free today.

15) My PC laptop's screen had not been working when I tried it yesterday and I was worried it had been broken during the move. But it finally deided to work tonight. Hurrah!

16) Count blockula's brickshelf gallery - check our the Nintendo characters at least

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