Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Has it been a year already? Has it only been a year?

1) Got ready and Adam got his stuff together and then we were off. We parted ways at teh Belmont bus stop. It was really cool hanging out with Adam for a few days and him getting to meet my friends.

2) Reading Sam's stuff and Calling on Dragons on the train

3) \Ffresh mozzerella sandwich for lunch - I also sat outside while I ate it, which was nice. I usually eat at my desk. It's a habit I'm trying to break.

4) New part of Jack & Ellis!

5) Today was the 1st anniversary of working in my position at CMIG. To celebrate we went to the Med and got fruit tarts and milkshakes (well I got a milkshake at least).

6) Work day went well, even if it was long.

7) Sitting at back of train and eating leftover lunch parts.

8) Downloaded Mega Man 2 on my Wii. Beat Wood Man and Bubble Man. Used Bubble power to defeat Flash Man. Used Wood power to defeat Air Man. Used Air power to defeat Crash man.

9) Sent out a bunch of e-mails I'd been meaning to send.

10) So early this year there was some internet drama that tore about the online brickfilming community. I'm not really a very active member in the community, I only post when I have a new film to share or if I see something cool and want to comment on it. But I was aware of the drama because it lead to the creation of a new site. Well I stumbled upon a description of the "saga" which could be a lot shorter, and probably wouldn't interest anyone else, but it was nice to see what had happened, because it confused the hell out of me back in June. Oh internet people, you are so ridiulous.

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