Saturday, September 20, 2008

I like friday

1) Lunch = Buffalo Chicken Wrap (not as good as california unfortunately)

2) Leaving work early (but I still have things to do this weekend)

3) Nap

4) There was a really cute puppy that sniffed at me while I was waiting for the bus.

5) Stephanie! Yeah, I had just seen her on Monday, but I like seeing her, what can I say?

6) We played through the demo for Braid which is this awesome game for XBox Live where you can reverse time at will. And in some levels time only moves when you do. It's crazy and awesome.

7) I was feeling kind of icky all day, but I finally felt better.

8) We met Paul for dinner at a cool Thai place by their place. I had garlic chicken. It was tasty.

9) I used the washing machine in their basement to finally do so much needed laundry.

10) While it was going Stephanie bout the full version of Braid and we played through it. When we got to the world where you have a shadow time self running around too it got so confusing.

11) It's awesome how close we live to each other.

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