Sunday, September 28, 2008

I really should be doing more stair training

1) Morning of posts

2) Putting together top level of Green Grocer

3) Played Mario Kart with Paul, Stephanie, Alex and Alex's friend.

4) More lego sorting

5) Some arranging

6) Even more sorting

7) Made peanut chicken. Delicious!

8) Talked with Mom and Dad. They've decided they are coming out here for Thanksgiving again and that they are driving. This is great because it means I don't have to try taking off more time from work that week or trying to fly then (which is always heinous). They'll get to see my new place and they will be bringing all the legos. I'm going to need to make another trip to the container store. :)

9) Went running around looking for a public stairwell I could use to train for running up the Sears Tower. Found a perfect one in the parking garage at the hospital a couple blocks from my place. Did a short workout.

10) Shower

11) Groceries

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