Thursday, September 4, 2008

In summary I'm awesome

1) I'm so glad the 171 is running frequently again, it really helps on days like this, with the rain.

2) The day at work went really fast. I'm not even sure where it went.

3) Stephanie and I are having an e-mail argument about the merits of professional sports. As you may know, I'm not a big sports fan (see Malifios' rant in NNN episode 2). It's always fun to argue with Stephanie, she's so sharp.

4) Well I guess I do know that ~2 hours of it went into my first performance review. Maybe 40% was actually about my performance and goals. The rest was Renee and I talking about more general office goals. It was really great, Renee is always really receptive to my ideas and this was no exception. It got me excited about this coming year.

Perhaps my favorite thing was actually one of the last things she said, almost as a side note. "You're really good at managing up." It was nice to see that she appreciated the times when I ask/remind her to do things. I was never entirely comfortable with that, it just seems weird to tell your boss that she needs to do something.

5) gchatting w/ Tiffany at work. Yes it may seem silly to gchat with someone who is sitting next to you, but it's generally more efficient than talking. We also then went to the break room and regular chatted by the water cooler. But then we were talking about non-work things. I don't think I've ever actually talked to someone in such close proximity to a water cooler before. It's like a rite of passage or something.

6) Then after work we braved the rain and went to Noodles for dinner. We talked about our high school/middle school teachers and their weird quirks. I had sweet and sour chiken and a sprite.

7) After dinner the rain was really coming down and I was not looking forward to walking home in that. I walked back towards Reynold's club but when I was a block away I saw one going past. "Blast!" But then I noticed a 172 bus approaching, so I hopped on that and rode it two blocks and successfully intercepted the 171 and rode that home. It was kind of awesome.

8) Some preliminary pictures of the new Power Miners line surfaced today. There's one set that looks awesome and the others all look pretty hideous. I (along with many others AFOLs) are hoping these are very preliminary pictures.

9) Did a bunch more packing. My kitchen is all but finished, I took apart several shelves and have started filling up various misc boxes as I am running out of things that fall into nice catergories. I am also running out of stuff to pack which is good since I need to finish tomorrow.

10) Downloaded the real Dr. Horrible soundtrack off of iTunes. The quality is so much better than the hulu bootleg one I had been listening until now. If you haven't watched it yet, you really need to do so, right now. Tiffany, I'm talking to you.

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