Monday, September 1, 2008

Lab or Day?

1) My Chicago Card swtiched itself over to the 30-day type. I like when my accounts manage themselves.

2) I went and picked up the keys to my new apartment (3127 N Kenmore Ave., Garden, Chciago, IL 60657)!

3)Then I went and inspected it. It's bigger than I remember (I guess it not being full of furniture helps) I think it's going to be the perfect size. I can't wait to be living there. Let me give you a virtual tour. This is my front door:

Here's the entry way, with a coat closet and exposed pipe (maybe' I'll hang christmas lights on it?)

Here's a view of the living room from the kitchen

And a view of the kitchen from the living room:

Here's a view of my bedroom from the bathroom exit.

And my bathroom:

Another view of hte kitchen:

It's hard to convey the space of it wide pictures, my bedroom for instance is rEdiculous rectangular (7 by 19!). I guess that means you'll just have to come over and see it for yourself. But yeah, it's much nicer than my current place, if a little smaller. My favorite parts so far are probably the fact that my room is carpeted and that I have a lazy susan cabinet.

4) I got lunch from the Chipotle on the corner and had my first meal in the new place, sitting on the counter.

5) Then after I had taken the pictures and figured out more or less where thing were going to go I was feeling a little sleepy so I used my bookbag as a pillow and took a nap on my carpeted floor. Now the apartment is really broken in.

6) Then I moseyed over to Tiffan'ys new place. Along the way I stopped to pick up a 6-pack of Berryweis to take to Krista's party and got myself a Potbellies chocolate shake because my throat desired it.

7) Tiffany gave me of a brief tour of her place. It's pretty nice. The kitchen cabinets and the floor tiles were what impressed me the most.

8) Then we made our way over to Krista's new place. We could have gotten there faster if we had taken 2 buses instead of 1, but we had a nice little walk.

9) Then we got to see Krista's new place and had a little BBQ. There were hot dogs and (much later) chicken and lime-y drink. We also played Hoopla, which is like speed Cranium. Quite fun as always.

10) We also took a slow route on the way back from Krista's but we spent the time talking about work which was nice.

11) Called mom and dad. They visited Isaiah (and Jenny and Leo) this weekend and were full of stories about playing with him.

12) Pandog?! (Credit:Neil Gaiman's blog)

13) Spent the rest of the night writing up my personal achievements for my first year in my position (my anniversary is the 17th) and goals for the next year for myself and the office. Renee and I are finally going to do a performance review thing this week.

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