Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The world persists

1) Alex sent me the link to this surprisingly informative Large Hadron Collider rap. It doesn't explain why there is actually no danger of it ending the world, but it does do a good job of breaking down what it does do into fairly simple terms.

2) Tiffany was again the best thing about work today.

3) The descriptions of different types of magic in Searching for Dragons really intrigued me. I had never thought about types of magic users having magic that felt (and was) fundamentally different. In the NNN world the various types of magic (Dragon, Wizard, Intangible and so on) are all the same when you break them down. They just look function a little differently because of the constraints created by the casters. But then again, their magic is more like applied science anyway, which I guess just reveals my personal beliefs about what magic is/should be.

4) Trains come so fast at rush hour even if you just missed one there's another one coming soon

5) By the time I got up to Lakeview I was hungry and feeling scatterbrained and didn't want to have to think about dinner so I got a Chipotle Burrito at the corner.

6) Just coming home instead of trying to return the modem or go shopping

7) Northern Exposure - "A Kodiak Moment" - most episodes do a good job of blending the three stories together more or less seemlessly. This one felt more mishmash-y and all the stories felt a little off. But I still enjoyed Chris, definitely my favorite character.

8) Lego dollhouse at least look at the kitchen

9) Talking w/ stephanie

10) Downloaded Dr. Mario/Virus Buster and played that for a while.

11) Crossing something, anything off the to-do list

12) Posting an update, however short

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