Thursday, September 25, 2008

Maybe that's why Stephanie's are always non-sequiturs

1) This interview with Matt Ashton on TBB. He's one of the guys I met at Brickworld.

2) Finished Talking to Dragons. They were fun books. This one was possibly the best.

3) Helping Aaron test the audio set-up for a conference. When I test a mic I don't just say "check, one two," that's lame. I usually just do a stream of consciousness and say whatever comes to me at the moment. I ended up telling him about the saga of our break room being relocated into a closet and other stories that are funny in hindsight. It was enjoyable.

4) The stuff for fixing the server finally arrived.

5) The Lego Castle Advent Calendar is being made available in US (for a limited time) You have to order over the phone and give them a code, but I'm super excited. This looks like a cool set and in particular I can't resist that jester hat.

6) Nap on train on the way to Stephanie's

7) Played Braid for a while. Such an awesome game. There was a world were you can put down a ring to make time run slow. Very cool.

8) Then we watch the season premiere of The Office. It was pretty good. The Holly/Kevin and Holly/Oscar scenes were great. Also the Ryan thing was good too. And Kelly was great.

9) We feasted upon delicious meat sauce

10) Ashley brought cupcakes form Cupcakes just so she could watch us enjoy them. Mine was an apple pie cupcake. Mmm...

11) Played some more Braid

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