Saturday, September 6, 2008

Moving Day

1) Went down to UHaul in the morning and had a heck of a time convincing the woman behind the counter to rent me a the truck I had reserved, the way (I thought) I had reserved it. Thankfully I eventually managed to convince her to give me a truck at all.

2) When I returned to my apartment with the truck Stephanie and Dana were just pulling up. The three of us did the heavy moving - all the big furniture. We had a system where two people would carry and the other would hold the door. We rotating the door holding person. It worked out well. Thank god for the elevator. Even if it had those stupid lightbulbs. But yeah Dana and Stephanie definitely deserve the biggest thanks. I don't know what I would have done without them.

3) After a couple hours Tiffany and Seth showed up. Then we were able to put someone (Seth) in charge of packing the truck while the rest of us brought down everything. Eventually the packing job became big enough that Tiffany helped him out. By this point most of the stuff was coming down by dolly anyway. They did a good job of packing the truck - nothing fell over when we opened it again.

4) While Tiffany and Seth and I worked on packing some stuff in the truck, Dana and Stephanie went to Jimmy Johns to acquire lunch. It was absolutely delicious.

5) After lunch we packed the last bit of stuff up (legos) and headed to Lakeview. Dana drove Tiffany and Seth and Stephanie rode with me. The traffic was a little gross, but not too terrible. Whenever Stephanie and I drive together I think of our road before 2nd year.

I think that was a really important moment in our friendship. Road trips are excellent tests of how much you can stand a person. You're trapped with them in a small space for a long day and you both are getting restless and tired from driving. Stephanie and I passed with flying colors.

But yeah, this was not nearly as long. Also, we saw a flying contraption fall into the lake.

6) When we arrived at my new apartment Paul was there waiting for us. Krista showed up maybe 20 minutes later. Because we had 6-7 people unloading and because the distance was not nearly as far (and not at all vertical) the unloading went much faster. It literally took less than 40 minutes. It was amazing.

7) Everyone complimented my new place.

8) Dana gave me a Snoopy SnoCone Maker as a house warming present. I always wanted one as a kid.

9) Dana then offered to drive down in her car when I drove the truck back to the South side and then drive me downtown. This is so much better than me trying to catch whatever buses and trains. She dropped me off at the Roosevelt staion and I hopped on the Red Line and was home 20 minutes later. The other way would have taken forever. Like, I'd still be on my way back now, three weeks later.

10) We got the truck back before 5, which is when it was due back.

11) Spent an hour or two setting up my bedroom and bathroom.

12) Got Chipotle for dinner.

13) Spent the rest of the night setting up the living room. This took a lot more time, because it involve a lot of maneuvering and construction. I'll post pictures of my apartment in another post.

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