Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Notice that everything wonderful happened after work today

1) After work I caught the 171 and took it to TI where I picked up some staples. Milk, bread and apples. I think it might be my most iconic grocery purchase ever.

2) Thus my dinner consisted of bread and cheese. Also a jello fruit cup (strawberry w/ peaches).

3) Watched yesterday's Daily Show. Funniest Part - Weather Forecast about Palin.

4) Watched most of The Colbert Report. (I stopped when the guest came on). I've only caught snippets of it before. That was a younger, more foolish me. It may be funnier than the Daily Show. Funniest part - "Not only is Alaska America's closest point to Russia, Alaska has Mt. Mckinley, which makes it America's closest point to Space. So That means she has space policy experience."

5) Today's awesome lego model -Evil sorcerer summons a demon

6) Then I took a nap - maybe 1.5 hours. It was only partially intentional.

7) Read the first chapter of Neverwhere. Oddly, just before my nap I had been thinking about Malifios and imaging him narrating an episode in the 3rd season and in it he was making some metaohor about doors and names. (It went something like, "My name is not Robert Vylan. Robert Vylan is the latest in a series of doors I've walked through. Malifios is a door too. My true name is hidden back at the begining of a labyrinth of empty rooms and open doors." I don't know that it's a metaphor that could actually work, but hey I was half asleep.) And doors have been all over this book so far. Just another in a long line of random coincidences.

8) Watched about 80% of Palin's speech before I got tired of it and wandered away. While I was watching it, I enjoyed the strange choices of crowd cutaways, including two of some men in suits escorting a woman (whose right hand was up in the air flashing the peace sign) away from the stadium and the ones of Palin's youngest daughter holding the baby and playing with his hair. Which begs the question, who brings a 4-month old special needs child to a staduium full of screaming people?

7) Ordered Alex's Lego AT-AT.

8) Did one last load of laundry while I have a machine in my basement (also because I had two tokens left). One of the few flaws of my new apartment is that there is no laundry in the building I will either have to go to a laundromat or use the machine in the basement of a different one of my landlord's buildings.

9) Packed up clothes and the rest of the Legos. Here is my Chicago-based lego collection:

And once again, here's the Pennsylvania part.

These two pictures make it look like they are roughly the same size, but those PA boxes are much more densely packed, so I still stand by my statement that the Chicago collection is roughly 1/2 the size of the PA part.

10) The weather was cool today. It was one of those days where it seems like anything could happen. Stephanie and Tiffany have both expressed dismay at the looming end of Summer, but I am happy about the approach of Autumn. I don't have anything against summer, especially one as mild as this one, but Fall is still my favorite. Maybe I just like wearing hooded sweatshirts.

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Tiffany said...

Dismay. That's an appropriate word.