Monday, September 8, 2008

Our houses are so close now!

1) Today was my first day commuting to work and it went fine. Everything runs so frequently at rush hour that I didn't have to wait long for the train or the bus. I also got a seat immediately today. A luxury that I don't always get.

2) I spent most of this hour reading Searching for Dragons

3) Fall was definitely rearing it's head today. There was that cool edge in the air that only comes in fall. It was wonderful, it felt like I could wrap the cool around me.

4) Today in our production meeting we finally decided on a solution for our storage issue. I've been asking for that all year.

5) It was gross and rainy in the afternoon. When I got home I changed clothes and felt better.

6) Then I headed over to Stephanie and Paul's place for dinner with them and Dana.

7) Drank Berrywiess

8) Had their tasty Thai curry for the first time

9) Then Paul made smoothies for dessert.

10) We played dominoes and Hungry Hungry Hippos

11) And then watched some Simpsons

12) It had stopped rainging for my (~20 min) walk home.

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