Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Post 300!

1) Waking up on time - even though SleepyDave muttered aloud "I don't want to get up."

2) Signed and delivered my very last rent check to MAC. Good riddance.

3) California wrap for lunch.

4) Got electric and gas set-up.

-1) This took twice as long as it should have. I had tried to set-up the electric online, but then I got an error message and was told I had to call anyway. So I called and discovered that in their system my apartment is listed as #BF as opposed to #G and therein lied the problem. Then as I was finishing up she told me she could set up my gas as well if I was interested and I thought "awesome, this way I won't have to give my information again or call another number, how efficient!" Wrong. Instead I was transferred to another company (not people's gas) who can help you set up multiple services. The woman was clearly dissapointed when I only wanted to set-up one. And then after I had giver her my information she told me I would have to call people's gas after all and thus she had not saved me anytime, but in fact wasted some. So I called People's Gas and finally got it set up. It wasn't terrible, but it was just frustrating that something that should have taken 20 minutes took an hour. Also, while they are very efficient at doing this stuff by phone, they really need to get into the 21st century and make their online system simpler and more effective.

5) The 171 is back on the school year schedule, which means it actually runs frequently enough to be useful again.

6) Remembering to pay the electric bill, it was due today and somehow I had forgotten to pay it until the last minute. I did so by the automated telephone system.

7) Finished off the chicken fingers and peas for dinner

8) Screenwriter's was short, and everyone seemed to be in a weird mood, but it pretty good.

9) Did dishes for almost the last time in this apartment.

10) Packed up a bunch more of the kitchen stuff.

So looking back I've spent more time complaining than anything else in post which is sort of against this blog's raison d'etre. Since this is post 300, that simply can't be. So let's find some cool things to counterbalance that.

11) Here's a cool Lego island creation

12) I recently bought Prog by the Bad Plus. It's amazing. They are fast becoming one of favorite bands. In fact I love them so much, I'm going to go buy another one of their albums.

13) I had a popsicle on my way to screenwriting.

14) The weather is still perfect for wearing sandals.

15) There was a skillet that I had cooked the scrambled eggs in. It was a crappy skillet and the only reason I used it was because I already packed my good skillets. It is not non-stick, so the prospect of cleaning off the egg stuff was not fun. So I threw it out. It was old and crappy anyway. I'm very much in a purge mood for this move.

16) My wounds from my bike crash are healing nicely.

17) For work today I e-mailed one of my biology professor to set up an interview. I mean I doubt he remembers me since there were like 100 people in the class and if he did remember me it probably wouldn't be because I got an A, but because I fell asleep every now and then (though not nearly as much in that class as some others.) Still, it was a neat feeling.

18) Got a couple more boxes from work today.

19) Stephanie returned to the internet today. Even if we didn't talk much, it's so rare that we go a day or two without IMing/ GChatting that there was a noticeable absence. Also, she finally updated her blog again. :)

20) Gene? Jean? Gave me a ride home from screenwriter's.

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