Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sometimes it's hard to come up with a relevant title

1) Sleeping in a litte - but still on time for work

2) Not being worried about the semi-high profile shoot (library ground breaking) that was happening.

3) Ate my lunch on the quad

4) Got a package from mom containing delicious delicious chocolate peanut butter cookies (and a box of mac and cheese)

5) The mere fact that this lego animation job posting exists is heartening. (I'm saying this because I still haven't heard anything back from them...)

6) There was still a bunch of time after work before screenwriters, so I went to Hyde Park Produce to pick up chips, guac and salsa, and pesto pasta and then I went over to Mead's apartment and hung out until everyone showed up.

7) The pesto pasta, chips and guac and salsa were all delicious of course.

8) Screenwriters was good until I fell asleep on the couch and realized I should head home.

9) Read Talking to Dragons on the way home

10) Played a little more Mega Man 9. Managed to get to Splash Woman , but could not defeat her. I also managed to get to Galaxy man and discovered that in that Concrete defeats Galaxy. I was thinking it would defeat Magma, but it did make sense in a weird way. Galaxy man was shooting out these black holes, but if you hit them with Concrete they stop sucking you in and disappear.

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