Thursday, September 11, 2008

To-Do lists are very helpful

1) I met with Renee to talk about how I had too much on my plate and what we could do about that. The meeting didn't really end up reducing my work load, but it helped at least prioritize some things and made me fell better, which is important.

2) I got the University to pay the $150 termination fee I was charged for ending my Verizon account. Which is only fair since they didn't tell me I would be charged this ahead of time and had taken over control of my Verizon account and so were technically the ones who terminated it anyway.

3) California wrap for lunch - I had forgotten its wonders.

4) Had a productive day

5) Finished Searching For Dragons, tried working on a blog update on the train, but found that the iPhone is ill-suited for interfacing with blogspot. It's workable, but only barely.

6) For dinner I decided that if I was going to eat out the least I could do was go someplace new. So I went out and wandered around up Halsted and came across a pizza place called the Pie Hole. I got a slice with chicken and basil on it. it was incredible.

7) Played a little Mario Kart

8) Did dishes for the first time

9) Came up with a to do list for the animation. This was a list of all the 14 shots I had left to animate, grouped by background. Each one also had the number of frames that needed to be shot, so I wouldn't have to keep consulting the Final Cut project.

10) Animated three of those shots. I think they were the last of the shots involving the human warrior.

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