Tuesday, September 9, 2008


1) In the morning I got a Red Eye from the woman handing them out and read it on the first part of my commute and did the sudoku and crosswrod puzzle for the rest.

2) Teaching Tiffany how to do some stuff around the office like burning DVDs and compressing stuff.

3) I tried to return my Comcast modem after work, but got there just after they closed. However it wasn't a total waste of time as I connected another pocket of Chicago that I had been to once to the big Chicago map in my head. As I knit all these pieces together, I'm realizing Chciago is not quite as gigantic as I used to think.

4) Had leftover pasta and and a frozen pizza for dinner.

5) Sent out a bunch of e-mails I'd been meaning to send for a while.

6) Karan sent me a link to watch the pilot of True Blood. The title sequence is really cool. The rest of the show is alright, not as awesome as I'd expect from an HBO show by the guy who did Six Feet Under, but interesting enough to keep Karan and me watching.

7) Talking with Adam about his imminent arrival.

8) Crossing things off to do list

9) Watching through what I had done of the animation and remembering how awesome the part that's done already is.

10) Setting up my new animation studio. No picture because I've since taken it apart. It was on my kitchen counter. It's much better than my table because I can attach the lamps right to it and it's higher so it's just art arm level and eye level when I'm sitting down, so I don't have to bend over very much.

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