Tuesday, September 23, 2008


1) Today the 174 pulled up before the 55 and so I took that from the Red Line and discovered it takes me even closer to work than the 55 does. Less than a block away!

2) Went on a cleaning spree in the office.

3) We finally had a meeting about dividing up the responsibilities in the office.

4) Had a shoot at the Hancock building. How often does that happen?

5) Sat in on a meeting between Fire Escape and Julie Peterson.

6) Came home to find Stephanie on my door step!

7) We watched House (w/ Felicia Day!) and ate fried rice

8) Then we played the us some Okami. We conquered the island of monsters and gained the power of lightning.

9) House new PI/friend was creeping me out for the whole episode and I could figure out why. I knew he looked familiar, but I didn't know what he was from. Wikipedia informed me he was the scary carjacker from the most traumatizing Six Feet Under Episode ever. No wonder he seem creepy.

10) Watched True Blood episode 3 with Karan. Because it's based on a series of books after doing a little wikipedia research I know that one of the characters is going to turn into a wolf or a tiger at any minute and Karan and I were both very excited by this prospect. But of course now every scene without a weretiger is slightly disappointing.

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