Friday, October 31, 2008

I won!!! (2nd place)

1) Rearranging the office this morning before everyone came in. I moved an unused desk out of the server room and into my future office (as soon as they move my phone line over, which I requested today) and moved the desk that was in there into the main office and moved Tiffan'ys computer and phone there temporarily. They will move to my current desk as soon as I make the move.

2) Participated in the NSIT costume contest because Renee was a guest judge and siad that is she had to go she wanted all of us to go. My costume was last minute. I wore all blue and put on blue sunglasses and blue swimming goggles with googly eyes taped inside them. I called myself the human manifestation of blue, "like Jesus - but for Blue." I got a pack of double chocolate milanos for particiapting, s oI'm not complaining.

3) Candy so much candy

4) Dinner of left overs

5) Read the end of that fic sam was posting

6) I was disappointed that through out the whole night I only got one group of trick or treaters. But still, some trick or treaters is better than none. They were grabbing handfuls, which seemed excessive at the time, but in retrospect I wish they had taken more.

7) Krista came over, she wanted to help pass out candy, but got here after that one group. So we just hung out instead.

8) We watched 4 episodes of 30 rock. "Somebody to Love" "Secrets and Lies" "Succession" and "Sandwich Day" - so much hilarity.

9) Read more If on a winter's night a traveler - was hoping to finish it tonight, but didn't quite make it that far.

10) Some updates on Jenny's blog!

11) Then on a whim, I went to see if they had posted the winners on the Nicktoons "Built by Me" contest, that I had entered CYOS:TFFPH in. I assumed I hadn't won, since they would have contacted me by now. But then there my name was! I of course immediately told Stephanie ,who I had been gchatting with. Then I watched the grand prize winner. I also would have chosen it over mine. I can't say the same for the first place winner, but I'm just so honored to be on the same level as David Pagano. I spent the rest of the night on the Bricks in Motion forum.

I can't wait to get my prize legos - even if it is all Spongebob stuff. I won't deny I've eyed these sets. And I'm not going to turn down free legos.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

It rises!

1) Reading new chapter of sam's fic on lunch break

2) Went on a cleaning spree in the office this afternoon. Found a place for the photo cameras.

3) It was in the 60s!

4) "In a network of lines that Enlace" is wonderfully absurd - and I'm perfectly fine with it cutting off where it did.

5) Getting home while it's still light out

6) My Bricklink order arrived!

7) Left over curried turkey pita for dinner

8) I spent most of the evening using the pieces from the bricklink order to finished the first prototype of the four legged field monster. Pictures below.

9) Watched 1st episode of northern exposure season 2 - I could care less about Joel's fiancee dumping him - but the Shelly addicted to T.V. plotline was fun and Chris was great as always.

10) Set up a little lego halloween display in my window. Nothing complicated, just moved my scaryish stuff there and covered it with pumpkins.

I really like this tiny jack-o lantern I made really quickly to imprison.

11) Voicemail from Stephanie. I accidentally responded to her question/musings out loud once or twice, which would seem like I'm going crazy but I think it's just proof of the extent of <8> that we can carry out a conversation without even being together.

12) Before I went to sleep I made version 1.2 of field monster - lengthened the body and added a rEdiculous tail. I do not know what to do about the tail so in an upcoming post I will post pictures of some differnt tail option and have yalls vote.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This one was actually finihsed on time but i delayed it to wait for yesterday

1) Box 4 Blox looks intriguing - if only as a pre-sorting mechanism

2) Somehow managed not to miss my stop, even though I totally feel asleep on the way to work today.

3) Watched a bunch of campus safety videos as research for the campus safety video our office will be producing next year. They ranged in quality, a couple were really polished and relatively engaging and one of them was horrific. It had a laugh track. I couldn't even watch it all the way through.

4) Reading more of "If on a Winter's Night A Traveler"

5) Bought candy for Halloween - Twix, Nestle Crunch (which included the even more delicious Crunch Crisps), Starburst and Skittles. I think that's a pretty good mix. It also fills up the big candy bowl, so what more can I do?

6) Stephanie showed up with Potbellie's milk shakes. Yum!

7) Pushing Daisies with dinner (curried turkey pita) - I really like Ned's half brothers. Olive should totally get with them.

8) Then we played Okami - we are working our way back through the game world from the very beginning, looking for any side-quests or anything at all that we might have missed the first time through. We have turned up several stray beads and lots of happy points (or praise or whatever it's callled).

9) Tiffany sent me this really cool article on reverse graffiti.

10) Catching up on various internet stuff.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Apologies for the delay

1) Official pictures of the lego 2009 line - I really really like the crystal/rock monsters in the new power-miners sets. I do not appreciate how they are being treated, but rest assured I will build them a crystal sanctuary where the evil human miners are made to suffer.

2) If on a Winter's Night A Traveler - I am very lucky of the way I am reading this book. Stephanie warned me about the frustration it caused her. It is a collection of first chapters of novels, tied together by a story about a reader, "you" who keeps trying to read a novel all the way through but gets interrupted in one way or another. And the beginnings of the novels are all very very good. They're exquisite in fact, which is what makes lack of completion so frustrating. However, I was prepared for this and went into it with the mind set of approaching them as self-contained short stories. It is easier to pull off with some than others. Sometimes I do feel myself longing for more time with the characters, but perhaps not as dearly if I hadn't mentally prepared myself for the abrupt terminations.

"Leaning from the steep slope" left me completely satisfied. As much as it was clear the plot was just beginning, I didn't feel like I needed to see any more of it. There was just enough of a change for it to affect me. It also loved the atmosphere it evoked - so many shades of grey.

3) Gerry brought in bagels - and is very enthusiastic in general

4) Had lunch with Arthur at Noodles. I knew Arthur from my job second year in the basement of the Reynold's Club, sitting at a desk and filing and sorting mail and fixing the copier. I knew he was still around on campus because I'd seen each other several tiems throughout the last year and evertime we'd smile and nod but say nothing more than "hey." After seeing him at the bus stop last week I decided this was silly when we have stuff in common and I'm always wishing I had more peers at work. So we had lunch. We shared horror stories form our respective parts of the University and talked about Halloween costumes and apartments and how we're both going to be working on election night. It was fun. We're going to have lunch again sometime in a few weeks.

5) Then we had a very productive meeting (if long) Production Meeting at the Med where we got fruit tarts to celebrate Josh's birthday. Tricky issues were dealt

6) There was a moment where we were all laughing loudly (at the idea of Renee firing me for a tiny theoretical mishap.) It was the most united I'd ever felt the four of us be, if only for an instant.

7) Reading the first part of chapter 5 of theory of two centers on iphone on train

8) Brief nap on the train

9) Stephanie and Paul are fun to watch when they're in their element. The meat suace was good too.

10) We finished watching Serenity - Man do I love Kaylee, and I'll admit that part of my love for Simon is just because Kaylee loves him, and partly just because he's attractive, but also I do think there's something to him. If he had had a couple more seasons to loosen up... alas the short run of Firefly.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Small, but awesome screenwriter's meeting

1) Started "If on a winter's night a traveler"

2) Productive, non-hectic day

3) Unexpectedly ran into Krista on the way to HPP. I haven't seen here since Oktoberfest.

4) Got some pasta and a mango-almond-pumpkin bar (it sounds crazy, but it was subtle and worked quite well) for dinner.

5) Picked up pear cider. Mmmm... delicious.

6) Screenwriter's - I really liked Mead's new script. Her visual grammar is much better than mine. It was also fun to read through the NNN pilot again and get some new perspectives on it. Gene laughed at the pun I came up with last night which pleased me and Joey's summary of Phil and Sherry "he's a total idiot and she's like the only sane person in this crazy world - I'd just love to see her flip out at someone" just after one quick read reassured me that the latent character conflicts are apparent. Or something like that.

7) A new short fic by Sam

8) A short chat with Talya. The miracles of the internet. I was seated safe and warm inside my apartment in Chicago and there she was crouched in a cold dark alley in New Haven, a stowaway on some unsecured wirelesss network trying to download an articel for class. And by some absurd conicidence the names of the two wireless networks were exactly the same: RedDoor. I mean what are the chances?

9) Made some minor changes to the NNN scipt. then worked on adding stuff to the qisaster wiki for a bit.

10) Watched True Blood with Karan.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sleepy Sunday

1) I again slept for about 12 hours last night. I'm going to say it's part of my recovery from the throat infection and not just me being a sleepaholic. I do feel much better today. Throat barely bothering me at all.

2) Chapter 4 of Sam's new fic.

3) Played more secret of Mana. Defeated a spiky tiger and gained water magic.

4) Vacuumed my apartment.

5) Put together a bricklink order

6) Getting back inside my house after getting caught in a sudden hailstorm on the way back from the grocery store. My hands were very happy to be out of the wind and chill.

7) Dinner was some tortellini, tomato, basil. mozzarella salad that I got from the TI deli.

8) Talked to Mom.

9) Did a whole bunch of dishes.

10) Worked on the NNN episode 1 script for screenwriter's. The dialogue is only twaeked slightly. Mostly I'm just adding descriptions that I will be using for storyboarding/ animating.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fufilling my patriotic duty

1) Slept for 12 hours, except for about 5 minutes where I woke up to take a pill. Woke up feeling much better than yesterday.

2) Played a little Secret of Mana. I now have all three characters in my party and we've got a slew of Mana weapons.

3) Played some Mega Man 2 - Beat Metal Man with just the regular blaster. Beat heat man with the Bubble gun. Beat Quick man with the Flash Time-Freezing gun. Started Wily Castle.

4) AD - "For British Eyes Only" - The chicken dances are hilarious every time.

5) Finally edited the footage of Erika's Wedding and made the DVD

6) Went to Gap (there's one in walking distance now) and bought a new sweater and a new pair of jeans. Unlike the majority of the clothes I've purchased before they are not incredibly loose. I wouldn't go so far as saying they are tight-fitting, but they certainly aren't billowing in the breeze.

7) On the wway back I waited in line for an hour and a half. AKA Voted. I'm very thankful for early voting, I can't imagine taking time off work to do this.

8) Had left-over peppercorn chicken for dinner.

9) Watched first disc of Space Ghost Coast To Coast Volume 2 while I folded laundry and sorted legos.

10) I was really amused by the robot in this video Alex shared with me

11) Worked on qisaster until it was time to take my third pill for the day and go to sleep.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Yay health beneftis!

1) Finally changed my primary care physician to one near my house.

2) Got a jamba juice for breakfast, because my throat balked at the idea of solid food.

3) Went to my current primary care physician on the south side (the new one is effective November 1st) and spent an hour and a half waiting. When the Docto finally came in she took one look in my throat and confirmed what it hought -infection, gave me a prescription for Amoxicillin and sent me on my way.

4) While I was waiting for my prescription to be filled I went to the toy store and bought these. I had seen them before, possibly in the same store and thought they were cool (and I was disappointed by the Lego selection) so i bought them. They have added some much needed character to my desk.

5) Got chicken soup and a mexicana milkshake from the Med for lunch.

6) Was only a half day, since I took the first half for sickness stuff. Productive though.

7) Reading chapter 3 of Sam's new fic on the way home.

8) The first episode of the new season of 30 Rock is available online already! It's hard to say what was my favorite part - I really liked Tracy's giving of the gifts and Liz and Jack pretending to be in a soap opera. Although Devon's "keep your enemies so close that you're almost kissing" and his frantic running through the park was also great.

9) Downloaded Secret of Mana for wiiware and started playing it. I started palying through this once before but got distracted and never finished. It's a fun RPG. I like the weapon leveling aspect. I played it multpilayer with Jeremy a little, but I never understood what was going on.

10) Going to sleep early because I'm tired and still fighting this sickness and it's raining etc.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm still surprised i'm caught up

1) This morn I got up ridiculously early (5:30!), Met Tiffany at the train station, then we headed downtown to the parking lot in Trump Tower picked up a Zipcar, drove down to Hyde Park, picked up Dave Nagel and all the camera equipment and then drove back downtown, so I could drop them off at 8 for a two camera shoot. We listened to Cake in the car. Twas fun.

2) Then I hopped back on a train to finish my commute. I also finished Kavalier and Clay. It was very good.

3) I had two Naked Juices in an attempt tp appease my throat.

4) Leaving work at 3.

5) Stephanie came over and we played a little Okami - got the power of ice.

6) Then we watched the start of Serenity. It's very different from the show. Well, at least in tersm of mood and pacing and look. It's so unfortunate that the show got cancelled. It would have be great to see how Joss would have paced out all the stuff he jams into this.

7) Talking to Stephanie while working on dinner (she made the sauce)

8) Dinner consisted of green bean amandine (I over steamed the green beans, but it was still pretty good) and peppercorn chicken.

9) The Office

10) Weekend update Thursday

11) More Okami - fought this really cool twin owl boss. Here's some fan art of them - it doesn't quite do them justice, but it should make it clear what appealed to me abotu them. The art in this game is so fantastic, I've been thinking about ordering the huge art book. It's hard to appreciate the intricate designs on a monster you are frantically trying to avoid and destroy.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Blgos ahoy!

1) An e-mail from Adam with among other things a link to his new (political) blog.

2) Scheduled lunch with Arthur

3) An e-mail from Lila

4) Kavalier and Clay is still awesome - but almost over

5) Jenny started a blog as well!

6) Stephanie

7) Pushing Daisies - Olive and Chuck were hilarious - there was hilarity all over the place in fact

8) The chicken thing was tasty even if overly spiced

9) Torchwood - "This is very homoerotic"

10) Not too chilly for bike riding yet - although gloves will soon become necessary

11) Just discovered a video of Isaiah that I hadn't seen yet.

-1) I have to wake up at 5 tomorrow which is why this is so short

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

An ode to Trader Joe's

1) Spent most of the day editing. (This is my favorite thing to do at work.)

2) Not a bad Tuesday all in all.

3) Kavalier and Clay - the tommy stuff is so fantastic I almost missed my stop

4) Stopped at Trader Joe's on the way home. They say you shouldn't go grocery shopping when you are hungry because then you buy things you don't need. But for me if I go with a list and I'm not hungry, I usually just buy the things on the list and always end up wishing I had bought other things too. I am very happy with today's trip to Trader Joe's. I'm so glad it's convenient to go to now that I live in Lakeview. I don't know why I even bother going to other grocery stores. Here is what I got, roughly in the order I put it in my cart. I was so excited about my groceries that I think I actually giggled as I was putting them away.
  • string cheese (hopefully theft-proof)
  • kashi TLC crackers (regular flavor)
  • white chicken sesame noodle bowl (I'm experimenting with frozen food)
  • chicken empanaditas (because I liked Stephanie's empanadas except that they were always so gigantic, these should be much more managable)
  • chocolate covered espresso beans (for Renee)
  • sweetened unsulphured mango slices ( I probably have a serious addiction)
  • "nothing but bananas" (dried and flattened)
  • raisins (sorry dad, but they're tasty)
  • tomato paste (which I forgot to put on my list, but remembered in the nick of time)
  • pasta (twirlies of course)
  • chicken (for peppercorn-ing)
  • "so this strawberry walks into a bar" cereal bars (too charming not to buy)
  • peanut butter and chocolate granola bars (sorry Tiffany, but peanut butter is incredible)
  • scouring pads (colorful)
  • toilet paper (100% recycled)
  • tea tingle body wash (sounds invigorating)
  • pear hand soap (I love pear scent, also it's moistureizing and I need all the moisture I can get now that the cold has begun)
  • TJ's soft 10 grain bread (someday there will be infinity grain bread)
  • green beans (for amandine-ing)
  • sugar snap peas (because I could eat them anytime)
  • a bag of ambosia apples (they smell wonderful)
  • shallots (all the better to peppercon with)
  • yogurt (strawberry, peach, and blueberry)
  • roasted garlic hummus (nuff said)
5) Getting a seat on thge red line (at the back of the car in that little room) having a seat when I was loaded up with grocery bags

6) Sam's scholarly analysis of why harry is probably a horcrux - originally wrtitten in the time between the release of books 6 & 7 (before stephanie had introduced me to him). I liked it especially because I also was pretty sure Harry was a Horcrux after re reading all the books in the time between book 6 and 7.

7) tin tin sketch book - reminded my of the awesomeness of the cartoon show

8) robot chicken star wars special - this came up during work today and I had only watched it once before (although parts of it I've seen time and time again) so i decided to watch it again tonight. It was a good decision. I laughed a lot.

9) Doctor = Jack fic

10) Two starcraft 2 videos - I can't even explain hte quivers of excitement that first video gives me.

Edit to add:
11) I would be remiss if I didn't mention that I've felt undeniably giddy today. Giddy! No particular reason, but I'm not compaining.

Monday, October 20, 2008

SleepyDave nearly triumphed today

1) There was a welcome breakfast for a new member of the communications group this morning. Had some good OJ and fruit and a big blueberry muffin.

2) Fresh mozerella sandwich

3) The third workstation is finally connected to Scorsese. We've only been waiting since July for that to happen.

4) Kavalier and Clay - although now it's sad, but still good

5) Pasta for dinner

6) Chapter one of sam's new TW fic. How many stories has he written about Ianto by now?

7) Beat mega man 9! Also spent a dollar to download an extra level.

8) A Jack/Mal fic Stephanie sent me. mmm Torchfly...

9) Wrote down the beginning of an Invisible Cities fanfic that came to me earlier today.

10) Read more Kavlier and Clay. I can't help myself!

11) Would you look at that, I'm all caught up!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Slightly more productive day

1) Cool lego creations

2) Dishes - finally no dishes on the counter - for the past few weeks there have always been dirty dishes linger there. I would do dishes, but never all of them at onc, so there would always be stragglers. Today I finalyl cleared it off, at least for a few hours.

3) Beat world of goo

4) Went to Clarkes for lunch w/ Tiffany and Seth - got chicken quesadillas

5) I used one of the many lego buckets I have lying around and some rope to jerry-rig a container on my new bike rack. I wouldn't trust my groceries in it, but it worked well enough for my laundry.

6) Which I did 3 loads of. I calculate the bike saved me about half an hour in travel time over the 5 trips back and forth to my landlord's house. Time which I used for your benefit.

7) Because in case you hadn't noticed I went on a mad posting spree and am nearly caught up!

8) Called Mom and Dad - They talked about their week with Jenny and Isaiah in MA. Isaiah can now differentiate between and name a truck and a backhoe. Backhoe! He also asked where Nana and Papa were the day after they left. I don't think he could have said anything to make them happier.

9) Stair work out

10) Almost beat mega man 9, got to the final boss and ran out of lives.

11) True Blood w/ Karan - Any minute now that guy is going to turn into a tiger and we will be vindicated. Until then we'll just have to settle for the cajun as our hero. He's no gambit, but his accent is still irresistable.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Weekends are great for lazing

1) Waking up at 9:30

2) Putting up those photo posts

3) Got back into bed and read Kavalier and Clay

4) World of Goo - beat 2 really hard levels in world 3

5) World 4 is very cool

6) Working on qisaster a bit

7) Half a workout + shower

8) Dinner of various pieces

9) More world of goo

10) Not going to Hyde park today

Friday, October 17, 2008


1) Trader Joe's Banana Waffles for breakfast

2) Finished up the editing on ye olde timey video. (Mead did the majority of it.) It's a promotional video for "Chicago in 60 Seconds" which is a video competition that we are holding for U of C students. Hopefully is will generate interest. I think it's pretty awesome.

3) We've got some cool upcoming projects from Development

4) Riding home with Tiffany. We're bothe reading K&C and soon after we got on the Red Line we both started reading.

5) Kavalier and Clay. The arrival of Tracy Bacon has vaulted this book in to realms of wonderfulness previously unimaginable. In other words: OMGMYBFFJILL!!!!1

6) Went out for dinner with Tiffany and Seth at Gino's east. We got garlic sticks and spinach and pepperoni pizza. Pretty tasty.

7) During dinner we talked about how we sleep, how the months are arranged in our head, how we do math, games we play when we're bored etc. It was very interesting. I gobble this stuff up.

8) This photo from the last presidential debate is hilarious. I know it was just a split second, I see this stuff all the time when I'm editing videos. Well nothing quite like this. But there's this one picture of a guy where it looks like he's trying to be a monster, but it was just a split second confluence of his gesturing and his mouth opening in a funny way.

9) Then we went back to Tiffany's place and watched Demetri Martin - If I He's a comedian, but this wasn't really a comedy routine (though there were funny parts) so much as a introspective one man show. It was good. If nothing else it made me feel better about my own nueroses and excessive introspection. I wanted more from the end, it just sort of stopped.

10 ) I didn't mind the rain/hail on the way home

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ye Olde Timey

1) As obnoxious as my job can be sometimes, it is also completely awesome sometimes. Like this morning where I had to pretend to be John D Rockefeller.

We used this picture and this sound recording as reference. I'll link to the video when it's posted.

2) Kavalier and Clay is so good!! It just keeps getting better and better.

3) California wrap

4) Short day

5) My voter registration came in the mail today, now I just need to vote.

6) Stephanie!

7) Torchwood - I would have called this episode "A Stitch in Time" but it's actually called "To the Last Man" - it was nice that Tosh got an episode, as she is so often ignored, but her episode first season was better I think.

8) Okami - Time travel?

9) The Office

10) SNL weekend update thursday

11) Finally beat that tricky puzzle in world of goo

12) mustache robot

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday nights are good too

1) As you may have noticed in the subtext of the past few days I've been fighting off a cold. Well this morning it overtook me. I woke up and felt like hell. I could barely speak and was extremely weak. I fell out of bed and crawled over to where my phone was charging and called Renee to tell her I wasn't coming in. Then I went back to sleep.

2) Later I made my way to the living room and downloaded World of Goo for the Wii. It's a cool little puzzle game where you use cute little gooey blobs to build towers and bridges and various other structures. It's quite fun.

3) Spent most of the day just relaxing

4) Shower

5) I used my laptop to get some work done, probably put in 2 hours. It didn't require me moving much, so that was fine.

6) Picked up my bike (with the rack) and then rode it to Stephanie's.

7) Torchwood - Sleeper - Ianto has suddenly become a funny character

8) Pushing Daisies - Olive got to interact with everyone again! Also she gets to keep Pigby!

9) Getting my appetite back - just in time for delicious Tandoori chicken

10) Sam's fic

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Broke into the Old Apartment

1) Sleeping in so late

2) Fresh mozzerella sandwich

3) Naked juice

4) Teaching Mead and Marjie some tricks in Final Cut.

5) Tonight's screenwriter's meeting was in our (Stephanie, Alex and I) old apartment. It was bizarre to see how different it was. It seemed very small. I have definitely moved up in the world.

6) OJ from HPP. Also, Pumpkin Gingerly cookies

8) The meeting itself was entirely dedicated to reading a script for a feature length movie, Jack had written. I got to speak in a French accent. It was fun. The movie was pretty good. More or less coherent.

9) Wrote a little on the train home

10) True Blood. Karan and I agree that the coolest part of this show is still the credits

11) Laughing and laughing at the mental image of karan throwing a cheeseburger out a window and then fishing around in the dirt for it

Monday, October 13, 2008

Mega Monday

1) I woke up 15 minutes before my alarm went off and decided to spend those minutes in bed. It was a good decision.

2) Feeling like stuff was under control at work.

3) Got chicken soup and bread and OJ from the Med for lunch.

4) My sore throat seems to be in retreat (though sneezing is on the rise)

5) Coming home with tiffany

6) lego color bars

7) Chips and guac and raisins snack

8) Went to dinner with Tiffany and Seth and their roommate Joe. We went to Cesar's, a Mexican place very near my house that has "Killer Margaritas." They are gigantic. We got the mega margaritas and the glass was approximately half the size of my head. I got a mango flavored one. It was delicious. It was definitely better than the Mexican restaurant Adam and I went to, but it's no Mambo Grill.

9) I got the Cesar's wrap which was pretty good, but had some weird vegetables in it. Like broccoli and cauliflower. I mena I like them fine, but they seemed out of place in a wrap. Especially since they weren't cut up and so they fell out of the wrap.

10) Then we hung out at my place for a while. It was nice to finally hang out with Joe after hearing so much about him.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday always sneaks up on me

1) Played Cave story to wake up

2) Went to brunch w/ Stephanie - we met at a greek sandwich place by the brwonline south port stop and both got the chicken pita sandwich with french fries. It was delicious. I also got OJ.

3) Then we went next door and got ice cream and walked around the block eating it. She got mint chip, I got peanut butter chip. Delicious.

4) Ran through all the Mega Man 9 levels to collect money so i could stock up on supplies for the last set of levels. I keep running out of lives when I try to beat them.

5) Dishes

6) More Cave Story

7) Biked to a bike shop, found a bike rack for the back of my bike and left my bike there so they could drill the necessary hole in my bike and then install the rack.

8) Walked up to Trader Joe's for groceries. Got so many delicious things.

9) Tiffany handling all the calendar stuff. Huge weight off my back.

10) Ran up the stairs

11) Dinner of pita and hummus and peanuts and chewy bar and carrots etc.

12) Pictionary w/ Alex and Stephanie

13) Talked with Mom and Dad outside, because it's so nice out and I get terrible recption inside my apartment.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cabin, Cave, Clothes, Kavalier & Clay

1) It's lovely to wake up on the weekends

2) A little Mega Man 9

3) AD- The Cabin Show - "Taste the happy Michael!"
G.O.B.: Well, I will tell you this, Michael. I don't have a son...
Narrator: He does.
G.O.B.: ... but if I ever do, I'm either going to take him to the cabin in the woods or I'm going to promise to take him and then not take him. But the one thing that I will never do is not tell him that I'm taking him to a cabin in the woods and then not take him.
4) Earlier this week I downloaded a freeware PC game called Cave Story. You're a robot in a mysterious system of caves filled with cute sentient animals (and some humans). It's very much like Metroid, excpet with more adventure/RPG quest type stuff. It's really fun and it's free!

5) Did a stair workout

6) Shower & lunch

7) Bought a new jacket, well new to me. I picked it up at the thrift store around the corner. It's like a hooded sweatshirt with a ziper, except the inside is very fuzzy. I like it.

8) Kavalier and Clay is so good.

9) Then I went to work for ~5 hours, which is not my idea of a fun saturday night, but there was stuff I need to get done. And I did. Also Ben was there, so it didn't feel so lonely.

10) California wrap

11) Kavalier and Clay got even better as I read it on the way home. So good that I couldn't stop reading it and read it for at least another hour once I was home.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Boot Camp

1) Sleeping in a little

2) Started "The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay." So good.

3) So this afternoon we had what we call "Boot Camp" where we introduce all the new employees to the office (and reacquaint the old ones). It was kind of crazy because we had ~15 people in a room that feels full with more than 6. However I think it went alright.

4) We got pizza from pizza capri - I had a pepperoni slice and a spinach and garlic slice.

5) The week is over!

6) Ride home with tiffany

7) Nap

8) Picking at leftovers

9) Working on qisaster wikistory

10) Talking with Karan

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday nights are awesome

1) Got a seat as soon as Fullerton

2) More "Invisible Cities" - "Perhaps this garden exists only in the shadow of our lowered eyelids, and we have never stopped... but each time we half-close our eyes, in the midst of the dim and the throng, we are allowed to withdraw here, dressed in silk kimonos, to ponder what we are seeing and living, to draw conclusions, to contemplate from the distance."

3) 174 was right there when I got off the Red line - got to work in less than 50 minutes!

4) Invoicing is kind of fun - today was really the first time I'd done it, It had been solely Renee's responsibility until very recently. I send off maybe 30 invoices today.

5) A brief chat with Karan as I was leaving work

6) My ability to nap on the train and not miss my stop

7) Okami (w/ Stephanie of course)

8) Torchwood - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - It'd been so long since we saw the team in action. Also, John hart was great.

9) Skillet lasagna + sugar snap peas

10) The Office

11) More Okami

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cities and this Blog

1) Sleeping in

2) Really short day because we went on a CMIG field trip to

3) Wired Nextfest at Millenium park. There were some really cool things there, but of course the coolest things you couldn't touch, like the hovering chair or the robot that reassembles itself.

4) Changing and biking over to Stephanie's

5) Cinimin chikin! My first time having it made by Stephanie, it was better than when I 've tried to make it.

6) Pushing daisies

7) Talking with Stephanie and ashley

8) Bunch of posts

9) Mr. Show rival grocery store commercials

10) Started reading "Invisible Cities." It's hard to say what I love most about this book. It's so rich. All the descriptions of cities are so sharp and the talks between Marco Polo and Kublai Khan appeal greatly to my imagination. I might describe it as dizzying & clear or lush & poignant.

"Elsewhere is a negative mirror. The traveler recognizes the little that is his, discovering the much he has not had and will never have."

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Nambu makes 82

1) Finished "Franny and Zooey"

2) So The University won another Nobel Prize today. The announcement basically took over our entire office for a day. You can see all the coverage we produced here. Thankfully it was mostly Josh and Renee who had crazy days and while I was still working on Nobel stuff all day, it was in a more laid-back manner.

3) One of of newer employees. Gerry was on hand that morning and worked on all the stuff. He was very excited to be working on something so important. It was a nice contrast to everyone else in the office who was basically just going crazy.

4) It's official, Tiffany is going to become a full time employee (with benefits and everything.) Woohoo! We really need her.

5) My favorite part of the Nboel stuff was when I had to use my voice talents to record an audio bumper for the mp3 of the press conference. (Just listen to the first 20 seconds.)

6) At the end of day, once all the nobel stuff was posted, I should have gotten back to the million other things I was planning to work on before the Nobel prize hi-jacked my day, but instead I went on a cleaning spree around the office. To be fair, it was in disarray, so it wasn't a superfluous cleaning spree, and I don't think my brain could have handled doing much else at that point.

7) Commute w/ Tiffany until she got off at China Town. It's so nice to have someone to talk to about work right after work.

8) Dinner = left over peanut chicken, pumpkin bread, carrots whatever else I scrounged

9) I made 10 posts!

10) True Blood w/ Karan

11) Heroes

12) Sam's TW fic

Monday, October 6, 2008

Foody food food

1) Waking up at first alarm

2) Monday mornings are nice at work

3) Mango slices!

4) Annies cheddar bunnies!

5) A pumpkin muffin (from CShop)

6) Used a zipcar tonight and it was the first time I had to fill up the tank. It was super easy to use the gas card in the car. It was nice to fill up and not actually pay for the gas. The gas cost about as much as I paid to use the car tonight.

7) Then I picked up Seth and Tiffany and we went to the Supper Session at Ben's warehouse. The Supper Sessions are bi-weekly potlucks started by some uchicago alumni. In addtion to food there are usually three talks given by participants on a subject of their choice. This one was a couple bands playing instead of talks. Here's the food I liked Ben's bbq / vegtable pot pie / strawberry rhubarb pie/ chocolate chip cookie. Also my pumpkin bread (also with whipped cream).

8) The coolest thing there was the video bonfire Ben had put together.

The picture doesn't do it justice. but basically there were all these differnet images flickering on different layers of fabric. The way the pictures were displayed was based on where people were moving on the giant map of Dubai that he had created on the floor. Using a real map of dubai and geotagged photos on flickr the program would display an appropriate image.

9) During the second, absolutely terrible band, I went out to the car and watched "Charlie the Unicorn 2" on my iphone. Hillarious. Definitely better than the first.

10) Updated the experiment after months of inactiviy

11) So back in January I ran into Elise and talked about "wikinarratives." I decided that ths would be a better format for the novel I've been working on every now and then for the past 2 years or so. (The working title is "qisaster", which I know is not a real word, but what cna i say, I've always like q's and "quantum of solace" is already taken). Well tonight I finally created a free wiki to house this project and have begun the process of transfering over all my current material
into this new format. My plan is to get it into shape by November so i can use NanoWrimo to flesh it out.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bum bum bum bum ba-bum bum ba-bum

1) Reconstructed the Star Destroyer and then decorated it with minifigs.

2) Watched Kill Bill 1&2 while I worked

3) Finished off the pasta salad and chicken for lunch.

4) Sam linked to they fight crime "He's a maverick bohemian cop on a search for his missing sister. She's a pregnant hip-hop queen of the dead with an evil twin sister. They fight crime!" Reminded me of the Surrealest Compliment generator.

5) shower /laundry/dishes

6) pizza

7) SNL clip

8) mom and dad

9) groceries

10) Made Pumpkin Bread

11) finished unpacking legos /began a new design for soccer field monster. The bottom two shelves are not very exciting, but they are colorful

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Photo posts take forever

1) Sleeping past my alarm (10:15)

2) A slow morning of internety goodness

3) Made a few posts to this here blog

4) Pasta salad / mesquite chicken lunch

5) Shower

6) Sandman -> to the end of "Season of Mists"

7) Then I spent a good amount of time unpacking and arranging minifig on the castle & secret agents shelf.

Wizard Battle!

Do you see the ghost?

Two world collide!


Despite their differences, the sharks and skeletons do agree that it's fun to torture the silly humans.

9) Screenwriter's meeting @ the Hookah bar in Hyde Park

10) Setting up minifigs on town and underwater scenes.

Can you find all 5 divers?

As you may notcie, this is on top of my fridge.

Oh my god! The flyign horses! Run for you life!

I used every screaming face I have in this display.

I told you we should have turned left at Alpha Centurai!

The TV antennae is not made of lego.

I forgot to color correct this underwater picture.

Ow my tail! Ow my hand!

What did the whale do to you?

Don't under estimate the octopus.

They got tired of Arkham so they rented a town house.

Things don't look good for Robin.

Can I get you gentleman anything to drink?

Frying up some bat burgers with the bat grill.

But wait! Who's that down on the fire escape. A batman runs free! Could he be the salvation of the enslaved heroes? Nah, he's actually just on his way back from the grocery store. (Or is he?)

11) Then Tiffany and Seth and her friend Keinen from Minneapolis came over and hung out for a while. They were the first to admire my meticulous minifig set-ups.

To Meteorites!

1) I got up a little alter than usual and so I was right at the worst part of rush hour and the Red Line was atrocious. Packed to the point of not being able to get on. So I took the brown line -> 6 ->171 to work and I had a seat for everything except the 171, which it always is during the school year, was packed tigher than a clown car.

2) My desktop machine was being upgrade, so I was working off my laptop, so I went to our studio room and shared a desk w/ Tiffany.

3) At one point I was falling asleep and could remember what I needed to be working on so I went for a walk. I ended up walking to the bookstore where I found that the "University of Chicago" hooded sweatshirt I wanted was on sale. So I bought it and promptly put it on.

4) Peter made our server all better.


6) Renee gave me a ride to a brown line stop downtown since she was on her way home anyway.

7) Met up with Kirsta, Dana, Stephanie, Paul, Tiffany, Seth, and a few friends of Dana's for dinner at a German restaurant by Stephanie and Paul. It was awesome.

8) The best things I ate were the giant pretzel we bot as an appetizer & the spaetzle that came with my dinner.

9) Because it was Ocktoberfest, there were some waitresses (? or maybe they were just alcohol promoters) going around giving out rounds of free shots to the tables. We had one that was like Jaegermister and an appley one that was really tasty. We also had giagantic beers, but we paid for those.

10) We were seated by the kitchen and every so often a bell would ding twice. I said that I kept expecting someone to make a speech. So then of course after that every time the bell rang someone would have to give a toast. They were hilarious.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


1) Renee brought in pastries from the Med in the morning. I had parts of the carrot muffin and chocolate croissant.

2) David Nagel covered a whole bunch of shoots. He's a graduated student who we are keeping on part-time and I am very grateful, because otherwise it would have been me running around like crazy.

3) We ordered Jimmy Johns for lunch to accompany...

4) CMIG Producer "Boot Camp." This was more or less me running though all the things on the CMIG producers guide for the benefit of Josh and Ben and Tiffany (and to a smaller extent Renee)

6) After work we had the second Communications Happy Hour (the last one was on my birthday.) It was much livelier than the first, probably because there were more people and we actaully all knew each other thanks to the recent retreat. It just so happened that the day before was Renee's 5th anniversary of working with the University and so I went out and bought a fruit tart and brought it with plates and forks etc. to the happy hour. I made a little announcement and Renee was surprised, so that was cool. And then I started cutting up the fruit tart (Phyllis helped distribute).

7) Commuting home w/ Tiffany. We talked about how awesome Julie Peterson is, the Dragon books etc.

8) When I got home Stephanie was asleep on my couch under a couple blankets. Much nicer than coming home to an empty apartment.

9) We played Okami for a while. Is this when we got lightning, or is this when we started exploring the snow-land? There were lots of animals to feed in snow land.

10) Dinner was pasta salad and mesquite chicken. Delicious.

11) Then there was the VP debate. Joe Biden was pretty kickass. Very good at countering Palin's claims. After a while Stephanie started reading his wikipedia page on my iphone and sharing interesting facts.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


1) Hooded sweatshirts are comfy and I can wear them to work

2) Read Franny of "Franny and Zooey." Very good.

3) After work I stopped at Trader Joe's solely to buy Mango slices. I can't help it, I love them so!

4) Finally returned my comcast modem. I left work early just so I could do this.

5) Stephanie!

6) Pushing Daisies - Olive's screech/freak-out

7) Pasta Thing - much better with spices

8) We finished Braid. The last world was cool, especially the very last level.

9) The Castle Advent calendar arrived! That was wicked fast. I'm not opening it yet. I think I'll actually use it as intended. I've also been thinking about doing daily animations using the daily mini-sets but we'll see if that's just another one of my crazy ideas, or if it's one of the few I actually do.

10) I made pasta salad for tomorrow night and tasted a little bit of it. Delicious!

11) Wikipedia whirl & related e-mails to Stephanie