Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Apologies for the delay

1) Official pictures of the lego 2009 line - I really really like the crystal/rock monsters in the new power-miners sets. I do not appreciate how they are being treated, but rest assured I will build them a crystal sanctuary where the evil human miners are made to suffer.

2) If on a Winter's Night A Traveler - I am very lucky of the way I am reading this book. Stephanie warned me about the frustration it caused her. It is a collection of first chapters of novels, tied together by a story about a reader, "you" who keeps trying to read a novel all the way through but gets interrupted in one way or another. And the beginnings of the novels are all very very good. They're exquisite in fact, which is what makes lack of completion so frustrating. However, I was prepared for this and went into it with the mind set of approaching them as self-contained short stories. It is easier to pull off with some than others. Sometimes I do feel myself longing for more time with the characters, but perhaps not as dearly if I hadn't mentally prepared myself for the abrupt terminations.

"Leaning from the steep slope" left me completely satisfied. As much as it was clear the plot was just beginning, I didn't feel like I needed to see any more of it. There was just enough of a change for it to affect me. It also loved the atmosphere it evoked - so many shades of grey.

3) Gerry brought in bagels - and is very enthusiastic in general

4) Had lunch with Arthur at Noodles. I knew Arthur from my job second year in the basement of the Reynold's Club, sitting at a desk and filing and sorting mail and fixing the copier. I knew he was still around on campus because I'd seen each other several tiems throughout the last year and evertime we'd smile and nod but say nothing more than "hey." After seeing him at the bus stop last week I decided this was silly when we have stuff in common and I'm always wishing I had more peers at work. So we had lunch. We shared horror stories form our respective parts of the University and talked about Halloween costumes and apartments and how we're both going to be working on election night. It was fun. We're going to have lunch again sometime in a few weeks.

5) Then we had a very productive meeting (if long) Production Meeting at the Med where we got fruit tarts to celebrate Josh's birthday. Tricky issues were dealt

6) There was a moment where we were all laughing loudly (at the idea of Renee firing me for a tiny theoretical mishap.) It was the most united I'd ever felt the four of us be, if only for an instant.

7) Reading the first part of chapter 5 of theory of two centers on iphone on train

8) Brief nap on the train

9) Stephanie and Paul are fun to watch when they're in their element. The meat suace was good too.

10) We finished watching Serenity - Man do I love Kaylee, and I'll admit that part of my love for Simon is just because Kaylee loves him, and partly just because he's attractive, but also I do think there's something to him. If he had had a couple more seasons to loosen up... alas the short run of Firefly.