Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Broke into the Old Apartment

1) Sleeping in so late

2) Fresh mozzerella sandwich

3) Naked juice

4) Teaching Mead and Marjie some tricks in Final Cut.

5) Tonight's screenwriter's meeting was in our (Stephanie, Alex and I) old apartment. It was bizarre to see how different it was. It seemed very small. I have definitely moved up in the world.

6) OJ from HPP. Also, Pumpkin Gingerly cookies

8) The meeting itself was entirely dedicated to reading a script for a feature length movie, Jack had written. I got to speak in a French accent. It was fun. The movie was pretty good. More or less coherent.

9) Wrote a little on the train home

10) True Blood. Karan and I agree that the coolest part of this show is still the credits

11) Laughing and laughing at the mental image of karan throwing a cheeseburger out a window and then fishing around in the dirt for it

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