Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cabin, Cave, Clothes, Kavalier & Clay

1) It's lovely to wake up on the weekends

2) A little Mega Man 9

3) AD- The Cabin Show - "Taste the happy Michael!"
G.O.B.: Well, I will tell you this, Michael. I don't have a son...
Narrator: He does.
G.O.B.: ... but if I ever do, I'm either going to take him to the cabin in the woods or I'm going to promise to take him and then not take him. But the one thing that I will never do is not tell him that I'm taking him to a cabin in the woods and then not take him.
4) Earlier this week I downloaded a freeware PC game called Cave Story. You're a robot in a mysterious system of caves filled with cute sentient animals (and some humans). It's very much like Metroid, excpet with more adventure/RPG quest type stuff. It's really fun and it's free!

5) Did a stair workout

6) Shower & lunch

7) Bought a new jacket, well new to me. I picked it up at the thrift store around the corner. It's like a hooded sweatshirt with a ziper, except the inside is very fuzzy. I like it.

8) Kavalier and Clay is so good.

9) Then I went to work for ~5 hours, which is not my idea of a fun saturday night, but there was stuff I need to get done. And I did. Also Ben was there, so it didn't feel so lonely.

10) California wrap

11) Kavalier and Clay got even better as I read it on the way home. So good that I couldn't stop reading it and read it for at least another hour once I was home.

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Stephanie said...

would i like this game?