Monday, October 6, 2008

Foody food food

1) Waking up at first alarm

2) Monday mornings are nice at work

3) Mango slices!

4) Annies cheddar bunnies!

5) A pumpkin muffin (from CShop)

6) Used a zipcar tonight and it was the first time I had to fill up the tank. It was super easy to use the gas card in the car. It was nice to fill up and not actually pay for the gas. The gas cost about as much as I paid to use the car tonight.

7) Then I picked up Seth and Tiffany and we went to the Supper Session at Ben's warehouse. The Supper Sessions are bi-weekly potlucks started by some uchicago alumni. In addtion to food there are usually three talks given by participants on a subject of their choice. This one was a couple bands playing instead of talks. Here's the food I liked Ben's bbq / vegtable pot pie / strawberry rhubarb pie/ chocolate chip cookie. Also my pumpkin bread (also with whipped cream).

8) The coolest thing there was the video bonfire Ben had put together.

The picture doesn't do it justice. but basically there were all these differnet images flickering on different layers of fabric. The way the pictures were displayed was based on where people were moving on the giant map of Dubai that he had created on the floor. Using a real map of dubai and geotagged photos on flickr the program would display an appropriate image.

9) During the second, absolutely terrible band, I went out to the car and watched "Charlie the Unicorn 2" on my iphone. Hillarious. Definitely better than the first.

10) Updated the experiment after months of inactiviy

11) So back in January I ran into Elise and talked about "wikinarratives." I decided that ths would be a better format for the novel I've been working on every now and then for the past 2 years or so. (The working title is "qisaster", which I know is not a real word, but what cna i say, I've always like q's and "quantum of solace" is already taken). Well tonight I finally created a free wiki to house this project and have begun the process of transfering over all my current material
into this new format. My plan is to get it into shape by November so i can use NanoWrimo to flesh it out.

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