Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fufilling my patriotic duty

1) Slept for 12 hours, except for about 5 minutes where I woke up to take a pill. Woke up feeling much better than yesterday.

2) Played a little Secret of Mana. I now have all three characters in my party and we've got a slew of Mana weapons.

3) Played some Mega Man 2 - Beat Metal Man with just the regular blaster. Beat heat man with the Bubble gun. Beat Quick man with the Flash Time-Freezing gun. Started Wily Castle.

4) AD - "For British Eyes Only" - The chicken dances are hilarious every time.

5) Finally edited the footage of Erika's Wedding and made the DVD

6) Went to Gap (there's one in walking distance now) and bought a new sweater and a new pair of jeans. Unlike the majority of the clothes I've purchased before they are not incredibly loose. I wouldn't go so far as saying they are tight-fitting, but they certainly aren't billowing in the breeze.

7) On the wway back I waited in line for an hour and a half. AKA Voted. I'm very thankful for early voting, I can't imagine taking time off work to do this.

8) Had left-over peppercorn chicken for dinner.

9) Watched first disc of Space Ghost Coast To Coast Volume 2 while I folded laundry and sorted legos.

10) I was really amused by the robot in this video Alex shared with me

11) Worked on qisaster until it was time to take my third pill for the day and go to sleep.

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