Friday, October 31, 2008

I won!!! (2nd place)

1) Rearranging the office this morning before everyone came in. I moved an unused desk out of the server room and into my future office (as soon as they move my phone line over, which I requested today) and moved the desk that was in there into the main office and moved Tiffan'ys computer and phone there temporarily. They will move to my current desk as soon as I make the move.

2) Participated in the NSIT costume contest because Renee was a guest judge and siad that is she had to go she wanted all of us to go. My costume was last minute. I wore all blue and put on blue sunglasses and blue swimming goggles with googly eyes taped inside them. I called myself the human manifestation of blue, "like Jesus - but for Blue." I got a pack of double chocolate milanos for particiapting, s oI'm not complaining.

3) Candy so much candy

4) Dinner of left overs

5) Read the end of that fic sam was posting

6) I was disappointed that through out the whole night I only got one group of trick or treaters. But still, some trick or treaters is better than none. They were grabbing handfuls, which seemed excessive at the time, but in retrospect I wish they had taken more.

7) Krista came over, she wanted to help pass out candy, but got here after that one group. So we just hung out instead.

8) We watched 4 episodes of 30 rock. "Somebody to Love" "Secrets and Lies" "Succession" and "Sandwich Day" - so much hilarity.

9) Read more If on a winter's night a traveler - was hoping to finish it tonight, but didn't quite make it that far.

10) Some updates on Jenny's blog!

11) Then on a whim, I went to see if they had posted the winners on the Nicktoons "Built by Me" contest, that I had entered CYOS:TFFPH in. I assumed I hadn't won, since they would have contacted me by now. But then there my name was! I of course immediately told Stephanie ,who I had been gchatting with. Then I watched the grand prize winner. I also would have chosen it over mine. I can't say the same for the first place winner, but I'm just so honored to be on the same level as David Pagano. I spent the rest of the night on the Bricks in Motion forum.

I can't wait to get my prize legos - even if it is all Spongebob stuff. I won't deny I've eyed these sets. And I'm not going to turn down free legos.

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