Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm still surprised i'm caught up

1) This morn I got up ridiculously early (5:30!), Met Tiffany at the train station, then we headed downtown to the parking lot in Trump Tower picked up a Zipcar, drove down to Hyde Park, picked up Dave Nagel and all the camera equipment and then drove back downtown, so I could drop them off at 8 for a two camera shoot. We listened to Cake in the car. Twas fun.

2) Then I hopped back on a train to finish my commute. I also finished Kavalier and Clay. It was very good.

3) I had two Naked Juices in an attempt tp appease my throat.

4) Leaving work at 3.

5) Stephanie came over and we played a little Okami - got the power of ice.

6) Then we watched the start of Serenity. It's very different from the show. Well, at least in tersm of mood and pacing and look. It's so unfortunate that the show got cancelled. It would have be great to see how Joss would have paced out all the stuff he jams into this.

7) Talking to Stephanie while working on dinner (she made the sauce)

8) Dinner consisted of green bean amandine (I over steamed the green beans, but it was still pretty good) and peppercorn chicken.

9) The Office

10) Weekend update Thursday

11) More Okami - fought this really cool twin owl boss. Here's some fan art of them - it doesn't quite do them justice, but it should make it clear what appealed to me abotu them. The art in this game is so fantastic, I've been thinking about ordering the huge art book. It's hard to appreciate the intricate designs on a monster you are frantically trying to avoid and destroy.

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